Network, Network, Network

As most students know, informational interviews are the lifeblood of a direct job search. Often these begin with with alums in targeted industries or companies to gain knowledge, advice, and potentially a professional advocate - so start at the LinkedIn alumni tool page and find thousands of former Badgers. Make sure to join the official Wisconsin Alumni AND Wisconsin Business Alumni groups to maximize your efficiency. Remember, professionals were in your shoes once, so most are quite willing to spend 20-30 minutes discussing their experiences with interested students.

While informational interviews are a great way to get knowledge on the industry and company, also be prepared for the contact to ask you question as a way of gauging your experience and skill set. Pay particular attention to the Big 3 - 'Tell Me About Yourself,' 'Why do you want to work for our organization,' and 'why do you want to work in this industry/function?'

Compare Employers

Be sure to take time to thoroughly examine all your opportunities. Sites like GlassDoor allow you to research and compare your options side by side so you can make an informed decision when applying for positions.

Company Lists & Geographical Resources

Sometimes it is helpful to develop a list of potential employers who offer internship and job opportunities in your career industry of interest. The following resources provide you with lists of leading companies in different markets

General Job Search Sites

General job search sites should be one part of a comprehensive job or internship search, but not your only tool. Some websites to consider:,,,, or the "Jobs" section of