What to Research about Employers

Researching employers and positions is a crucial part of the internship and job search process. Sites like Glassdoor make it easy to take notes on different interviews and positions. Below is information about what to research about employers and where to find this information.

Organizational Profile

  • Company history
  • Size/number of employees
  • Location – regional, national, multinational
  • Products and services
  • Competitors
  • Types of jobs available
  • Key executives
  • Employment benefits

Organizational Culture

  • Company philosophy
  • Goals and objectives
  • Reputation
  • Work environment
  • Inclusivity, diversity, community outreach
  • Average age of employees and average length of employment with the company
  • Union vs. non-union hires

Organizational Performance

  • Earnings
  • Company growth
  • Achievements and accolades
  • Initiatives – sustainability efforts, efficiency, outsourcing
  • International activity