Career Advising and Resources

Admitted Undergraduate, Certificate in Business, Certificate in Entrepreneurship, and IMacc students have access to career advising services and resources through our team of Career Coaches and the Career Engagement Studio. Visit our Virtual Career Studio at for career exploration and recruiting preparation resources to help you launch a successful career in business.

Who are we?

Career Advising

Jamie Mickelson
Jamie Mickelson
Career Coach
Clare Jablonsky
Claire Jablonsky
Career Coach
Caitlin Quillen
Caitlin Quillen
Career Coach
Brain Whitmore
Brian Whitmore
Career Coach
Melissa Leffin
Melissa Leffin
Director of Career Engagement

What can we help you with?

Students should schedule appointments with a Career Coach to discuss in-depth questions and get guidance on:

  • Career exploration and assessment
  • Internship and job search strategies
  • Networking
  • Interview preparation and practice
  • Job offers and negotiation
  • And more!

15-minute just-in-time appointments with Career Peer Advisors are also available to get quick questions answered and learn from fellow students with a breadth of business knowledge. Appointments can be scheduled through Starfish and topics may include:

  • Resume/cover letter reviews
  • Career exploration
  • Recruiting preparation
  • Handshake

When can I come in?

During the Fall 2020 semester, career coaching appointments will be available virtually through Microsoft Teams. Appointments with Career Coaches and Career Peers can be scheduled online via Starfish. Please review our virtual advising guidelines below to make the most of your coaching appointment.

What should I prepare for my appointment?

Before meeting with your career coach, we recommend that you do the following to maximize your appointment:

  • Review the resources at
  • Bring a list of topics and/or questions you would like to discuss during the appointment
  • If you are having a resume, cover letter, or other application materials reviewed by an advisor, please bring an updated copy of the document(s) to your appointment
  • If this is a follow-up appointment, reflect on progress made on any action steps previously discussed
  • Come prepared to take notes!

Virtual Advising Guidelines

We realize every student’s situation is different. If you have questions or concerns about a virtual appointment, please email your advisor or coach.

Choose an appropriate space for your appointment:

  • Move to a quiet room | And notify housemates that you will be in a meeting.
  • Use a neutral background | A distracting background may take away from the content of your conversation. Try using a blank wall or a virtual background, there are some great WSB and UW virtual backgrounds available for students!
  • Use a computer, not a phone | Use a laptop or desktop computer so your video is stable and you can easily take notes.

Ensure technical setup is sound:

  • Download Microsoft Teams | Upon first use, you will need to grant screen sharing, audio access, and webcam permissions.
  • Test the technology | To avoid technical issues, take time to test Teams in advance of your first virtual appointment. It is always helpful to log on a minute or two before each appointment to ensure that things are still working smoothly.
  • Provide backup contact information | Please include a phone number in your appointment request so we can call you if we are unable to reach you via Teams.

Treat a virtual appointment like an in-person appointment:

  • Come prepared | Prepare a list of questions or topics you wish to discuss in your appointment to maximize your time.
  • Dress the part | No need to suit up or wear business professional clothing, but dress as you would for class!
  • Avoid multitasking| As tempting as it may be to respond to emails or browse through your Instagram feed, fully participate and focus on what is being said.