The University determines your grade-point-average (GPA) by figuring the number of "grade points" earned and dividing that total by the number of credits you’re attempting. Here is a step-by-step explanation.

The chart below shows the grade point scale. Each letter grade is assigned a certain number of grade points for each credit the course carries. For example, an "A" is worth four grade points per credit, while an "F" receives zero points per credit.

Grade Points

A 4.0
AB 3.5
B 3.0
BC 2.5
C 2.0
D 1.0
F 0.0

Multiply the number of grade points by the number of credits the course carries. For example, if you receive an "AB" for a four-credit course, multiply 3.5 (the grade points assigned to an AB) by 4 (the number of credits) to get 14 points. Repeat the calculation for each course.

Note: Courses taken credit/no credit, satisfactory/unsatisfactory and audited are not included in the GPA.

Next, add the grade points for each course and divide by the total number of credits to determine your GPA.


Class Credits Grade Grade Points
Comm Arts 100 3 A 12
Geography 127 5 C 10
Math 112 3 AB 10.5
Psych 202 3 BC 7.5
Totals 14   40

40 / 14 = 2.857

Additional marks not associated with a letter grade that may appear on your transcript include:

I – Incomplete, a temporary grade used when work is not completed during a term. The symbol IN will be used to indicate an incomplete in a Cr/N course

P – Progress, a temporary grade used for courses extending beyond one term. The final grade determines the grade for each term and replaces P grades for the course.

DR – Dropped, recorded for any course officially dropped later than two days before the last day to add courses.

NW – No work, is used to indicate that the student never attended and no work was submitted.

GPA Calculator

The GPA Calculator estimates GPA per semester and cumulatively.