UW-Madison students may choose to take courses off-campus during the summer term or winter break (or on a non-UW-Madison sponsored study abroad program) and potentially transfer credit to UW-Madison. The UW-Madison Office of Admissions handles all transfer course equivalencies. Please note that UW-Madison students may not take courses at another institution during the fall or spring semester if they are concurrently taking courses at UW-Madison (see: concurrent enrollment policy). Students may take no more than one course off-campus during winter recess provided the winter term does not conflict with the UW–Madison fall or spring terms. Students interested in earning transfer credit for a non–UW study abroad program must work with UW–Madison’s International Academic Programs well in advance.

It is highly recommended that students do not take a course unless they know in advance that it will transfer to UW-Madison for credit.

Transferring courses from a Wisconsin public or technical college?
Use the Transfer Information System to determine course equivalencies.

Transferring courses from select technical colleges in Minnesota and Illinois?
Use the Transfer Equivalency Database to determine course equivalencies from common feeder technical colleges in neighboring states.

Transferring courses from any other institution?
The UW-Madison Office of Admissions offers a Summer Course Equivalency Service to students who wish to submit courses for transfer equivalency prior to taking a course off-campus.

Transfer credit process

  • Review your DARS report and consult your academic advisor to see what you still need to take and whether the course(s) would be a good option to take at another institution over the summer or winter break. It is not advised to take your business major courses off-campus.
  • Research course options at the institution where you plan on taking the course(s)
  • Determine equivalency (use resources listed above)
  • Apply as a “special” or “guest” student at the institution you plan on attending
  • Enroll in the course and pay tuition directly to the institution you are attending
  • After the course is complete, have the institution send an official transcript to the UW-Madison Office of Admissions (702 West Johnson Street, Suite 1101, Madison, WI 53715-1007)