To receive credit for an internship, a student must have been admitted to the Wisconsin School of Business before or the same semester in which the internship takes place.

A Business student wishing to receive credit for an internship must complete the steps listed below. Please note that this is a general overview of the process to receive credit. A student is responsible for meeting with the course administrator for the policies and procedures.

  1. Find or have been offered an internship
  2. Report accepted internship offer to BBA Career Services.
  3. Obtain an Internship Offer Letter on company letterhead (the letter must contain the specific information outlined on the “Authorization” section above).
  4. Complete the Internship Credit Authorization Form
  5. International students must also submit a CPT advisor authorization form
  6. Meet with course administrator and provide the Authorization Form, Offer Letter on Company Letterhead and CPT Form (if necessary)
  7. Once approved, email notification is sent with enrollment instructions
  8. Web enroll for course
  9. Submit mid-semester and final project


Student Type Eligible
Business (Sophomore, Junior or Senior) YES Must be eligible to enroll for courses at UW-Madison.
Pre-business and Non-business NO A pre-business or non-business student enrolled in other school/college (i.e. Engineering, Human Ecology) at UW-Madison is not eligible to enroll for Gen Bus 451. Generally, a pre-business student will be enrolled in the College of Letters and Science.
School of Business Applicant NO A student who has applied to the School of Business is not eligible for Gen Bus 451.

Course Policies

Concurrent Enrollment

A student must enroll for Gen Bus 451 in the same semester in which the internship is offered, or enrollment will not be granted.

For example, if a student has an internship from January to August or June to December, the course is then taken in the semester that the student is working in the job (not the summer term).

Planned Offering

A student may enroll for Gen Bus 451 during the fall or spring semesters.


Enrollment in Gen Bus 451 does not guarantee credit for the course.

A student may receive one (1) credit upon successfully completing the requirements set forth in Gen Bus 451.

Academic Load (Full/Part-Time Status)

Enrollment in Gen Bus 451 does give a student full-time status and counts as one credit.


A student is responsible for payment of tuition and related fees for one (1) credit during the term in which they are enrolled. Check the website of the Office of the Registrar for information about tuition.

Transfer Credit

A student may not receive credit for an internship completed through another university.


A student may not repeat Gen Bus 451.


A student is responsible for knowing and adhering to drop deadlines for the semester in which they are enrolled for Gen Bus 451. Students may be assessed partial tuition for a late drop of Gen Bus 451. Drop deadlines are available on the Office of the Registrar’s Deadlines-At-A-Glance website.


Gen Bus 451 is a credit/no credit course and therefore no grade is given. To receive credit for the course, a student must submit the required assignments by the given deadline. See the "Course Assignment" section for more information about essay requirements and deadlines.

If a student receives credit for this course, a grade of “CR” is notated on the student’s record. A student not receiving credit will receive a grade of “N.”

Because a letter grade is not associated with credit/no credit courses, there will be no impact upon a student’s GPA.


A Business student must submit the following documents to the BBA Advising Center for approval to enroll in Gen Bus 451.

Approval and notification to enroll will be given upon meeting with the course administrators.


Contact course administrators for semester deadlines.

Enrollment Notification

Once all documents have been submitted and authorization has been approved, students will receive notification via email that they have been authorized to enroll for Gen Bus 451.

Approval and notification to enroll may take up to 10 business days after a student submits all required documentation.

Required Documents Domestic Students International Students
Report internship acceptance to BBA Career Services. YES YES
Gen Bus 451 Authorization Form YES YES
Internship offer letter on company letterhead. The letter must include the following information:
  • Name and address of hiring company
  • Name and contact information of supervisor or other authorized official
  • Start and end dates of employment
  • Full or part-time status and number of work hours per week
  • Whether the internship is paid or unpaid
  • Duties of the internship position
Submit the CPT Application and CPT advisor authorization form. International students are required to meet with an ISS advisor and students cannot begin an internship until notified by the ISS. Submit the CPT Authorization Form (students complete page 1; employers page 4; BCC completes page 2) and offer letter on company letterhead to the BBA Advising Center. NO YES

Enrollment Verification

Some employers may request verification of enrollment in Gen Bus 451. A student should check with the employer to find out what type of verification is required and/or will be accepted. The chart below outlines options for enrollment verification.


Credits received for Gen Bus 451 cannot be verified until an official grade has been posted to a student’s record. This usually occurs 2-4 weeks after the end of the semester.


After a student enrolls in Gen Bus 451, enrollment can be verified the following ways:

Record Type Requested By Sent By Processing Time
Course Grid or List of Enrolled Courses from My UW-Madison Student Account Employer Student Within 24 Hours
(depending on system availability)
Transcript Student Office of the Registrar Normal Processing 3-5 Business Days
Letter Student Gen Bus 451 Administrator Normal Processing 1-3 Business Days

Course Assignment

Aside from completing the internship, a student must also complete a mid-term and final assignment to be eligible to receive Gen Bus 451 credit.


The student must submit their assignments at their designated deadlines to the course administrator. The attachments must be sent in Microsoft word.


Assignment deadlines are determined each semester


See course administrator for these requirements.

Authorization Form

An authorization form is required. Click here to fill out the Authorization Form.

A business student may earn credit for professional extended experiences in business acquired through internship positions that last for six to eight months. To receive credit for an internship, a student must set up a meeting with the course administrator to be given permission to enroll in the class. Please contact your Career Advisor or the Career Services e-mail (bbacareers@wsb.wisc.edu) with questions.

A student may not receive credit for an internship by enrolling in an Independent Study or Readings and Research course.