Students enroll for classes using Course Search and Enroll in MyUW.

Course Search and Enroll (widget in MyUW) provides a broad spectrum of course information in a consistent format and in a single location. It is an enriched, searchable course catalog with aggregated information from many campus sources.

Course Guide includes a history of courses offered at UW-Madison, so it is not necessarily term specific. This is helpful when looking up specific information about a course that may or may not be offered this term, or for browsing future course options and planning out future class schedules.

Students are responsible for knowing applicable enrollment dates and deadlines, including the add and drop deadlines. These can be found on the Registrar’s website.

Enrollment Tips

If a course that you want to take appears closed, here are a few steps to try:

  1. Make sure you have read all pre-requisites and footnotes and that you are eligible for the course.
  2. If the course is full, continue trying to enroll.  Students often add and drop courses up until the 2nd week of classes.
  3. If the course is managing a wait list, enroll in the wait list if possible. The department will email your wisc address if a spot opens up for you. Check your email regularly as you have only 24 hours to enroll in the course in Course Search and Enroll  if a spot opens for you.
  4. If the course is not managing a wait list, contact the instructor of the course or the department. Each department has a different policy about getting into closed courses.
  5. If the course remains closed, you can attend the first class and speak with the instructor. Bring a copy of the Business Course Permission Form (found under Forms in the left navigation) for the instructor to sign if the instructor approves of your request to get into the course (and space is available). Take the completed and signed form to the appropriate office (instructions are on the form) to obtain permission to enroll via Course Search and Enroll.
  6. Please remember, your academic advisor is unfortunately not able to help you get into a closed course. If you are having technical issues with MyUW or the enrollment system, call DoIT at 264-HELP.

Enrollment Errors

The following table will help to explain some of the more common enrollment errors. For problems logging into MyUW, please call the DoIT Help Desk at 264-HELP (264-4357).

Error Description Reason/Action
HOLDS: You have a hold on your record. The hold on your record must be removed before this transaction can be processed. A department on the UW-Madison campus has placed a hold on your record preventing your enrollment or updating your course enrollment. Go to MyUW under the Student Record tab for more information about the hold and who to contact.
PERMISSION: Class Requires Permission to Enroll, Class not Added. Department or Instructor Consent is needed to enroll in the class. Must have permission to enroll from the instructor and respective department. If within the add deadline, student should complete a Business Course Permission form (found under "Forms").
REQUISITES: Requisites Not Met for Class, Not Enrolled. Requirements have not been met to enroll in the specified class. Consult prerequisites and footnotes before contacting the department offering the class.

There are many different reasons for this error. Some common reasons include

  • standing - for some business courses, students must have junior standing to enroll. Junior standing is 54+ credits.
  • Business classification - almost all business courses are restricted to students admitted to the School of Business or Certificate in Business until the open enrollment date. The open enrollment date is listed in Course Search and Enroll under Class Notes for each business course. (Gen Bus 110, 120, 130, 450 and 451 and some selective upper level business courses are always restricted to only business students.)
  • Pre-requisites - have not completed the pre-requisite course(s) required to enroll for the course