PeerSpectives CEO Roundtables

This group is ending in December 2016. We are working on developing a new format for this program.

The PeerSpectives CEO Group, Peer-to-Peer roundtable for leaders, is a unique learning opportunity providing CEOs, presidents, and business owners with confidential information experience sharing within a structured protocol that ensures balanced discussion and releases the group genius. The group meets 9 times a year to enhance the decision-making processes, critical for leaders who want to grow established companies.

Now the UW-Madison SBDC has added the Plus!               Listen to Neil Peters-Michaud, CEO Cascade Mgmt

New Member Bonus:

-Business Strategy & Formation Workshop (valued at $275)

-One Leadership Series (max value $639)

Renewing Members receive 2 leadership classes per year.

Each PeerSpectives roundtable is led by a facilitator trained by the Edward Lowe Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to providing assistance to business owners seeking rapid growth for their established businesses.

Kayla Storlid
"Peerspectives has changed how I manage my company. When I started attending Peerspectives I was focused on daily activities versus planning and growth strategies. I am now identifying areas that need attention, planning and implementing changes. The group can relate to my current issues. They help guide me with their experiences so I can make the best decision possible. Peerspectives gets all the gears going so I can think about an issue or problem as a whole."
Kayla Storlid, Owner, Kayla’s Custom Cleaning, LLC

PeerSpectives roundtables provide a valuable opportunity for owners, CEOs and presidents to tap into the collective wisdom of their peers on topics such as finance, employee relations, legal compliance, marketing and advertising, accessing new markets, production, and personal isolation. The group members are committed to confidentiality, sharing and accountability.

"PeerSpectives has been a great experience, sharing with and learning from other people in businesses that are similar in stage but completely different in almost every other way."
Laura Strong, Quintessence Biosciences, Inc.

"The Peerspectives CEO Roundtable is a great way to combat “it’s lonely at the top” syndrome because you work with others with the same pressures and issues that you can talk honestly about problems and get real world feedback. The rules of engagement in Peerspectives make it far more effective than any other business group I have participated in. Limited air time, no advice allowed and working on each other’s specific and timely issues each month is a huge plus.”
Skip Heffernan, President, Culligan Total Water, Inc.

Who can participate?

Wisconsin PeerSpectives Network is for owners, CEOs, and presidents of growth-oriented Second-Stage™ companies. In general, a company is Second-Stage if it is:

  • Between $750,000 and $50 million in annual revenue
  • 10 to 99 employees
  • Privately held

Schedule and Fees

Monthly meetings are scheduled by the groups. Each group meets 9 times a year for a half day. The fee is $1,500 for a one-year membership.

For more information

Contact Julie Wood at or 608-263-9675.

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