Make running your business easier and more enjoyable with no cost, confidential consulting and targeted management education.

The Leadership Solutions programs offer a wide range of courses for the training and development of small business owners, managers, and supervisors. Exceptional managers can unleash the potential of a team. Learn how to take your leadership skills to the next level—whether you have just been promoted to a manager level or you are a seasoned leader. Explore the leadership courses below.

Individual Courses

Course Series

  • People & Communication Skills Series
    • Emotional Intelligence - The Foundation to effective communication
    • Surviving Difficult conversations - Techniques for conversations when the stakes are high
    • Strength Finder: Using your strengths to lead
  • Supervisory Leadership Series
    • Communication & Delegation Skills
    • Positive Power Plays: Skills for Conflict and Negotiation
    • Leadership Essentials & Coaching
  • High Performance Leadership Series
    • Leading for Performance & Accountability
    • Secret of Successfully Engaging Others
    • Leader: Coach or Critic