This series is all about what you need to engage your customers and prospects on the internet in order to create trust and utilize your website, social media and other internet tools to build and grow your business.

(To get the most of out of these courses, it is highly recommended that you bring a laptop or tablet to use during the courses.)

Creating an Online Marketing Funnel for your Business

Marketing funnels are a hot topic – and for good reason! A marketing funnel is a system you create to turn a cold lead into a paying customer through a series of communications.  During this hands-on marketing workshop, you’ll not only know how to build a marketing funnel, we’ll build your first funnel during class.  

What's included in the class:

  • Find a marketing funnel that works best for your type of business
  • Understand the technology you need to get started
  • Write the marketing messages you need to create cohesive communications
  • Understand how to interpret campaign results and adjust your marketing strategy

Bring your laptop, a login to your website, and an open mind! Leave with the first draft of your marketing funnel built – and a to-do list to move forward.

Telling Your Story through Created and Curated Content (and Facebook like a Ninja)

In this class you will be learning to Facebook Like a Ninja. You’ll take a deep dive into the Facebook platform, going through the front end, the analytics, best practices and more.

After your Facebook Deep Dive you’ll discuss producing Great Content for Social Media: Telling Your Story through Created and Curated Posts.

What’s included in the class:

  • The difference between created and curated content
  • The importance of your elevator pitch
  • Content marketing as a digital strategy
  • How to find curated content and use it to tell your story
  • The 80/20 rule
  • Pro tips and tricks for running a better social media program

Brand Storytelling to Connect and Be Heard

We are in the midst of a persuasion crisis – and your business and marketing is not immune.

Digital technology has made the world smaller and conversely, more complicated to navigate and effectively communicate. For any single fact, there are hundreds of competing stories being told that inform how we feel about those facts. Emerging neuroscience into the power of storytelling as “simulated experiences” is showing us how human beings process information – like your marketing. It’s not about superficially appealing to them. By taking responsibility for breaking through our audience’s unconscious, can we successfully begin to form the relationships we desire with them.

What’s included in the class:

  • Analysis of some of the best modern examples of brand storytelling. We can feel  the difference between story and traditional marketing
  • This Is Your Brain on Story: What emerging neuroscience has to say about the power of stories for persuasion
  • What are the components of story? What ingredients, when cooked into the meal of narrative, stand the best chance of giving you that story feeling?
  • >How to Use “Buts” and “Therefores” to easily set your brand messaging on the Path to Story
  • How to Use Rapaport’s Rules to understand those you wish to influence
  • The Anatomy of Turning Points: The core of every story

Social Media Strategy and Tactics: Designing Your Step-by-Step Plan

Social media is one the greatest mechanism ever invented for you to become known to your target market. It can definitely be overwhelming and take up more of your time than you ever imagined. Just like many of your other business responsibilities; social media can be broken down into doable tasks. Knowing which thing to do to get the most out of your time and energy is key. In this workshop, you will walk step-by-step through designing AND implementing a social media plan.

What’s included in the class:

  • Designing a social media strategy specific to your target market
  • Identifying which social media platforms they should be using and not using
  • Understanding which tactics work on which platforms, and how to effectively implement those tactics



Adrianna Machina

  • Creating an Online Marketing Funnel for your Business 

Adrianne-MachinaAdrianne Machina has spent nearly 20 years helping businesses attract more leads and convert more sales through effective marketing programs and persuasive messaging. An active member of Toastmasters International, she speaks on social marketing media around the country.

Josh Klemons

  • Telling your story through Created and Curated Content (and Facebook like a Ninja)

Josh KelemonsJosh Klemons is a Digital Storyteller and Strategist and the Principal of Reverbal Communications. Josh works with clients on better articulating their message and more nimbly identifying and connecting with their audiences via social media, email, and throughout the internet.

Josh is on the board of Madison's chapter of the Social Media Breakfast, a non-profit that brings together hundreds of professionals on a monthly basis to learn best digital practices and stay up-to-date on an industry that by its very definition is constantly changing. He is also Grow Madison’s resident Facebook expert. He now calls Madison, WI home where he writes, presents, teaches, trains and consults regularly on social media, brand management, growing an audience and more. For more information visit: 

Michael and Dave Neelsen

  • Brand Storytelling to Connect and be Heard

Michael NeelsenMichael Neelsen, a graduate of New York Film Academy – Los Angeles, has been producing films since 2006, including a five-part true crime documentary series titled Beyond Human Nature, currently in production. As StoryFirst’s Lead Storyteller, he brings his passion for film and storytelling to bear in helping businesses tell authentic brand stories through consulting and video content production.


Dave NeelsenDave Neelsen is an entrepreneur, marketer, and relationship- driven person by nature. He’s spent his career developing business for both large and small companies. In 2009 left an agency career to start StoryFirst in an effort to help clients embrace storytelling as a better path to success in being heard by their audiences in the new social media landscape. They’ve worked with a wide array of brands, such as Quad Graphics, The University of Chicago, Nordic Consulting, JP Cullen, Herzing University, Archer Daniels Midland, Renaissance Learning, the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board and others. For more information visit:

Spencer Smith

  • Social Media Strategy and Tactics: Designing your Step-by-Step Plan

Spencer Smith June 2015Spencer Smith is the owner of Spencer X. Smith Consulting. He has run and sold a business and now is sharing that wisdom (both successes and mistakes) to help other small business owners. Spencer also teaches business planning classes and social media classes.



  • Location: Grainger Hall, UW-Madison
  • Schedule: 8:30 am-12:00 pm
  • Dates: October 17, 24, 31 & November 14, 2017

    Fees: $149 (individual session)

-Creating an Online Marketing Funnel for your Business  $149
 October 17, 2017  

-Telling Your story through Created and Curated Content (and Facebook like a Ninja)  $149
 October 24, 2017  

-Brand Storytelling to Connect and be Heard $149
 October 31, 2017 

-Social Media Strategy and Tactics: Designing your Step-by-Step Plan $149
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