Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunch Program

We completed yet another exciting year of the Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunch program. We had expert entrepreneurs from a variety of industries talk with our students and were able to successfully conduct the remaining three lunches via WebEx due to the CORVID-19 outbreak. Thank you to all of the entrepreneurs that participated in our program for this academic year. We graciously thank Neider & Boucher, S.C. for their sponsorship and support.

Featured entrepreneurs for the Spring 2020 semester included: 

  • Greg Baker, Bascom Ventures
  • Doug Barton, UBIX.AI 
  • Jason Franklin, WV Ventures
  • Mike Forbes, Alter Eco Foods
  • Jennifer Lane & Priyanka Verma Jahr, Laquerus
  • Amy Jo Pedone, Valenza Chocolatier
  • Tom Sylke, Bright Acceleration Technologies LLC
  • Tom Walzer, Saco Foods
  • Tobias Zutz, Gregor Diagnostics 

Featured entrepreneurs for the Fall 2019 semester included:

  • Ross Freedman and Brad Schneider, Rightpoint
  • Mark Gehring, ImageMoverMD and HealthMyne
  • Mattie Isaac, Eatstreet
  • Keegan, River and Ryley Karl, DarkAero
  • Kyle LaFond, American Provenance
  • Katie Lorenz, CAMPO Alpaca
  • Scott Resnick, Hardin and StartingBlock
  • Maria Santacaterina, Bright Cellars
  • Wes Schroll, Fetch Rewards
  • Evan Sengbusch, Phoenix
  • Susie Younkle, MERLIN Mentors

Check out the photos from previous luncheon programs.

Photo Gallery Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunch