Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunch Program

We finished another exciting and successful season of the Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunch program! We graciously thank Neider & Boucher, S.C. for their sponsorship and support.

Featured entrepreneurs for the Fall 2018 semester included:

  • Imran Aziz, Mavengo
  • Mike Dowdle, Circadian Group
  • Max Fergus, Live Undiscovered Music
  • Kevin Kraft, Wisconsin River Partners
  • Ben Leff, Pluvio
  • Janet Loewi, Wisconsin Investment Partners
  • Todd Muderlak, Xela Innovations
  • Dale Nitschke, Ovative/group
  • Sam Rockwell and Justin Samuels (and team), WaffleWaffle
  • Reena Vokoun, Passion Fit

Featured entrepreneurs for the Spring 2019 semester include:

  • Scott Forester, Punchkick Interactive
  • Andrew Foster, FreshFin
  • Charlie Goff, NEW Capital Fund LP
  • Ian Gurfield, Ian's Pizza
  • Frank Jimenez & Cindy Poiesz, Evolve Brands
  • Nic Mink, Sitka Salmon Shares
  • Rachel Neill, Carex Consulting Group 
  • Ane Ohm, LeaseCrunch
  • Hyunjun Park, CATALOG
  • John Ryan, Wells Fargo Strategic Capital

Check out the photos from previous luncheon programs.

Photo Gallery Distinguished Entrepreneurs Lunch