Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all office hours and client meetings are conducted online by video conference. Currently, our office hours are Fridays from 9am-1pm. You can apply for our services by clicking the red “Apply for Services” button. For more information about the clinic, please contact us at beclinic@bus.wisc.edu.

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If you need us to evaluate your business needs and determine if we can help your business, please apply for services.

Potential clients need to fill out a survey and complete an interview to better evaluate the company's business needs. Should the Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic decide to provide services, a Scope of Work (SoW) will be defined. We recognize that every business has different needs and timelines, all of this will be taken into consideration when defining the SoW.

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List of Services

The Business and Entrepreneurship Clinic provides assistance and advice in the following areas:

Overall Business Strategy
  • Vision / Mission
  • Entrepreneurial, Business and Personal Goals
Customer Driven
  • Target Market
  • Market Sizing
  • Pricing Structure
  • Revenue Modeling
  • Customer Service Model
  • Customer Service
  • Warehouse/Manufacturing Process - Identification of Systems
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Supply Chain Contracts
Founders Issues
  • Compensation (deferred, competitive, analysis)
  • Structure of Equity
  • Roles of Founders and Top Management Team
  • Management Hiring and Development
Sales & Marketing
  • Brand
  • Pricing
  • Customer Acquisition Strategy
    • Advertising - Entry into Markets
    • Direct/Indirect Analysis
      • Sales Cycles
      • Sales Compensation Structure
      • Sales Goals
Resources Needed
  • Capital Equipment Needs
  • Location (Choice, Evaluation, Valuation, Lease Negotiations)
  • People - Organizational Charts (over time)
  • Total Capital Needed
  • Accounting Software Analysis
  • Accounting System Setup
  • Proforma Analysis
    • Summary Financials with Relevant Metrics
    • Sources and Uses of Funds
    • Balance Sheets
    • Income Statement
    • Cash Flow/Table
  • Controls
  • A/R Collections Monitoring
  • Billing
Competitive Analysis
  • Competitive Advantage
  • # of Current Competitors
  • # of Substitute Products
  • Pricing Structure of Competition
  • Comparative Analysis of Competition vs COMPANY
  • IP Barriers
  • Future Potential Competitors
  • Derive Estimate of Window of Opportunity