Weinert Center

The Weinert Center at the University of Wisconsin School of Business is dedicated to teaching, research, and service pertaining to entrepreneurial management and enterprise development.

The Weinert Center is a resource for students interested in entrepreneurship. Students complete a concentration of programs in entrepreneurship and other related topics in preparation for roles as business owners and managers, venture capitalists, or consultants to smaller businesses.


What's Happening This Year!

Andy Albert, CEO Nashua Presents!

Andy Albert

John Fromstein, Executive Producer, Fulton Market Films LLC Presents!

John Fromstein

VCIC January 2006

Entrepreneurs Award Investors Award

Dream Team

Jason Loughrin
Whitney Robertson
Brent Newport
Tim Gill
Steve Voss
Mark Bussey

Noah Alper Presents!

Noah Alper

California Trip

Ships in a Port

News Release

Welcome Center Director Dan Olszewski!!!!!


Neil Thall Presents!