There are very few universities in the world that focus their attention on the specific skills needed to succeed in Investment and Commercial Banking. The University of Wisconsin - Madison is one of them. The Puelicher Center for Banking Education has been specifically endowed to promote the education of the next generation of senior bank executives.

For more than 40 years, the University of Wisconsin - Madison has been known as the hub of banking education in the Midwest. The Puelicher Center offers a comprehensive program dedicated to state-of-the art banking education. Coursework can include courses in commercial banking, investment banking/corporate finance, investments, derivatives, fixed income, quantitative risk management methods, real estate, accounting and insurance.

Practicing bank management in a capstone course that allows students to run their own bank and then, at the end of the course, to sell it or buy others as they learn the roles of sharks, targets and raiders in the ever-expanding financial services marketplace.

Providing scholarships for graduate students interested in the financial service industry.

Helping arrange internships and placement opportunities for students at local and regional financial institutions.