October 18, 2019 | By Nicholas Center for Corporate Finance & Investment Banking | Back to blog

students and staff at the Fall consulting projects

Second year MBA students and the analysts are currently working in teams on their consulting projects and recently had the opportunity to present to our advisory board members and alumni during our annual meeting. The current three teams include; Team Adage (Thomas Dirks, Mary Roberts, Caleb White, Mason Bourne & James Kardatzke); project scope to use machine learning / data analytics to identify public companies that are likely to be M&A targets and/or public stocks that are likely to outperform their peers in the short-term. Team AmFam (Michael Lockard, Angela Lee, Terry Brimley & Ethan Tranel); project scope, social impact venture fund; assess the market opportunities for investment in specific areas of focus, assist with due diligence of investments and review how the Institute for Corporate and Social Impact is currently executing its vision to offer constructive recommendations. The third team is Team Libra (Andrew Lamers, Hailey Nguyen, Keaton Nankivil, Teddy Weber & Ann Jiang); project scope to analyze Facebook Libra cryptocurrency and develop an equity research like report which can answer questions like, “What does a CFO need to know about Facebook’s Libra?” Consulting project sponsors include: Adage Capital Management, J.C. Flowers & G2VP and American Family