Originally prepared by Stephen Malpezzi as background reading for his classes Real Estate 420 and 720, Urban Economics, this document now stands as an acknowledgement of the long and distinguished tradition that real estate and urban land economics education has at the University of Wisconsin. In addition to tracing the roots of the Wisconsin Real Estate Program, this paper also provides an introduction to the program as it exists today.

Wisconsin Tradition in Real Estate and Urban Land Economics, Fall 2015


  • Introduction
  • Real Estate as a Multidisciplinary, Global Endeavor
  • Real Estate and Urban Land Economics
  • General Approaches to Economics
  • The "Wisconsin Idea" and the Wisconsin Tradition in Urban Land Economics
  • The Wisconsin Tradition in Real Estate
  • Key Biographies
    • Richard T. Ely
    • Richard U. Ratcliff
    • Richard B. Andrews
    • James A. Graaskamp
  • Today's Innovation is Tomorrow's Tradition
  • Some Recent History
  • Institutions of the Wisconsin Real Estate Program
  • Responsibilities, Expectations, and Benefits of the Program
  • Current Faculty
  • Teaching
  • Research
  • Service and Outreach
  • The University of Wisconsin and the School of Business
  • References, and Select Biography on the Wisconsin Tradition