Doctoral Minor in Entrepreneurship

Who’s eligible?

The Option A minor is available now to non-Business PhD students. Business School PhD students may NOT complete an Option A minor within the School of Business because the Graduate School considers the School of Business to be one department.

What goes on the transcript?

Non-Business PhD students will have the minor denoted “business” on their transcript.

What’s involved?

For a non-Business PhD student to complete the Option A minor, the student will complete at least 10 credits of coursework:

At least THREE credits from the following doctoral level courses (or substantially similar):

  • MHR 835 – Research Methods – Management (3 credits)
  • MHR 870 – Seminar – Administrative Policy (3 credits) (When entrepreneurial is major focus)
  • MHR 975 – Doctoral Research Seminar in Management (2 credits)
  • MHR 976 – Doctoral Research Seminar – Methods (Theory development)
  • MHR 977 – Contemporary Topics in Entrepreneurship (3 credits) (INSITE academic seminar)
  • MHR 999 – Readings and Research (1-6 credits) with focus on creation of new social institutions, or entrepreneurial behavior at the individual, group, organization or industry/regional level.

At least SEVEN credits from the following list of courses (or substantially similar):

  • MHR 722 – Entrepreneurial Management (3 credits)
  • MHR 727 – Entrepreneurial Growth Strategies (3 credits)
  • MHR 734 – Venture Creation (3 credits)
  • MHR 765 – Technology Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • FIN 757 – Entrepreneurial Finance (3 credits)

Where may I learn more about minors at UW-Madison?

Please see the information online here.

Who may I contact with questions?

Please email Martin Ganco at for more information.