Doctoral minor in entrepreneurship

Are you a non-business graduate student interested in learning more about theories of entrepreneurship? Want to know more about where new organizations come from and how you might use theories in learning, law, economics and other disciplines to study company formation, performance and more? UW-Madison offers a PhD minor in entrepreneurship for non-business students. Please see this FAQ for more information.


The UW-Madison offers certificates designed to allow undergraduate and graduate students to acquire the necessary skills to help them start businesses or manage innovation. Learn more.

Undergraduate Major in Entrepreneurship

Offered by the Management and Human Resources Department. More information.

Featured INSITE Courses

AAE 540: Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Technology. Uses economic concepts to illustrate the nature of technological innovation, competition, and economic growth. Topics: economics of the intellectual property protection (IPP); market structure and innovation; interaction between public and private sectors; IPP and anticompetitive policies; globalization.

FINANCE 457/757: Entrepreneurial Finance. Discusses the tools helpful for financing new ventures, with emphasis on their applications. The course also helps students understand the institutional setting that has an impact on the financing conditions of new ventures.

LAW 753: Introduction to Intellectual Property Law. Survey of the laws of patents, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks. Discussion of relationship of these laws to the laws of property, trade regulation, and privacy. Exploration of competing or complementary policy rationales for each intellectual property area.

MHR 715: Strategic Management of Innovation. Focuses on contemporary research topics in management and human resources. The course addresses new and emerging issues. The course will meet in a seminar format and incorporates presentations by the instructor and invited speakers.

MHR 441/741: Technology Entrepreneurship. Contemporary topics in technology entrepreneurship.

MHR 977: Emerging Entrepreneurship Theory and Research. This PhD seminar explores contemporary entrepreneurship theory and research topics, providing students an opportunity to probe and develop scholarly theories of entrepreneurial behavior and outcomes. The course will incorporate presentations by the instructor, students and invited speakers.