Jake Dean

The Fall 2017 semester here at the WSB was certainly eventful. With the October portfolio proposal (since withdrawn) which had particularly significant implications for the future of the full-time MBA program, and the more recent resignation of Dean Anne Massey, it’s clear to me that our School specifically, and post-secondary business education in general, is at an inflection point. As we are an institution within the WSB, the Center is similarly at an inflection point, and it’s time for us to plan our future together.

Greg, Danielle, and I, as well as all of the Center’s affiliated faculty (including Jack and Verda) have discussed ideas on what we might do to ensure our continued relevance and leadership in supply chain management education. However, of the many things I learned last semester, what stood out to me is that the passion our alumni have for the WSB and the Center has not faded as years have gone by, or as distance has increased, which is incredible. Given that, we would be foolish to plan for the future without your input.

So, how do we do that? I would like to form an Alumni Advisory Board, and I’m inviting you to participate.

I hope to find about 15 of you (MBA, MS, and BBA alumni) willing to meet a few times a year as a group by conference call, with potential ad hoc individual consultations as well, to help chart the future of the Center. To ensure we continue receiving new ideas and to allow as many alumni as possible to participate, the term of service on the board would be two years.

If you’re interested (and I really hope you are!), please e-mail me (jake.dean@wisc.edu), and include your graduation year, degree (MBA, MS, and BBA alumni), and a brief SWOT analysis of the Center from your perspective – you know how business school loves a good SWOT analysis! And I mean brief – do it off the top of your head in a couple of minutes. I hope to get as much diversity in terms of graduation year, degree, industry, and geography as I can. Please let me know if you’re interested by Friday, May 18.

The Center is 27 years old this year, and its best days are ahead. Help us shape them.

All the best to you and your families in 2018.