The Center welcomed three graduate students from University of Stavanger - Norway. Read about their experiences!

My Experience at University of Wisconsin-Madison

International Students with Bucky Badger

by Maren Idso

I loved being a part of the Supply Chain family. I didn't know much about the specialization before I arrived, but UW-Madison gave me the knowledge and understanding of a global world and what we can achieve together.

The feeling of being a part of something bigger, to get to know so many different people, coming from all over the world, gave me another perspective on life. I learned a lot, not just academically, but personally, especially by learning from other people: professors, students, and new friends.

Looking back at my whole education, both in Norway and the US, the time at UW-Madison is definitely the best. This gave me a network for a lifetime, based on the new friends and connections I made. I would love coming back, for a full MBA, but for now, my next step is using my experience at a new position in Norway.

I miss every part of Madison, and am already dreaming about going back one day.