Greg DeCroix

By Greg DeCroix

It’s an honor and a pleasure to step into my new role as the Academic Director of the Center. As I’m sure most of you know, my predecessor, Jack Nevin, founded the Center...

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Jake Dean

By Jake Dean

I’m equally nervous and excited as I write my first message for our newsletter. Nervous, because Jack and Verda have been such excellent stewards of the Grainger Center...

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Twenty-five years since its founding, the Center has graduated 205 Wisconsin MBA students and more than 250 BBA students specializing in supply chain management.

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Grainger Center Executive Advisory Board Meeting

On Thursday, October 12, 2016, the Center hosted its annual Executive Advisory Board meeting at the Wisconsin Institutes for Discovery. The meeting brought together students, staff, and executives for a three-day long event. It was a special event as it also recognized the Center’s 25th Anniversary, as well as Jack Nevin’s retirement...

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Undergraduate World

The Center offers a specialization in supply chain management to all undergraduate students enrolled in the Wisconsin School of Business. During the fall semester, the Center continued to offer students an array of applied learning and social events.

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MBA Orientation

Monday, August 22, the Wisconsin School of Business welcomed the class of 2018 to Grainger Hall to begin their two week long orientation program to familiarize students with campus and prepare them for the next two years...

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Bridging Academics and Industry

The Center’s deep ties to corporate partners provides us the opportunity to engage students with hands on education through our applied learning course. The fall semester had a calendar of applied learnings that touched on industry and personal growth.

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MBA Team Places Third

By Joren Thompson

Congratulations to Sandeep Kumar, Rajat Mahajan, Kelsi Tang, and Joren Thompson on another successful trip to Michigan State!

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International Perspectives

The Grainger Center welcomed three graduate students from University of Stavanger- Norway. Read about their experiences.

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Learn more about the Supply Chain Management students.

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The Executive Advisory Board is comprised of senior executives at leading firms renowned for supply chain management excellence. Throughout the year, board members provide guidance and recruiting opportunities and participate in numerous development activities. Students interact with EAB members during their job search, at speaker events, and at the annual meeting.

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Looking Ahead

We are in the midst of a busy spring semester.

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