The Grainger Center for Supply Chain Management is a community of current and future supply chain leaders, including MBA students, BBA students, more than 200 alumni, Executive Advisory Board members,

faculty, and industry partners—all dedicated to the success of our students.


Supply chain management is inherently cross-functional. At the Wisconsin School of Business, the curriculum incorporates multiple business disciplines. Our students learn from faculty and practitioners not only in supply chain management, but also in marketing, operations management, and financial management.

The Grainger Center was established in August 1991 with a generous gift from The Grainger Foundation of Lake Forest, Ill., to recognize the ever-growing need for talent with advanced education in supply chain management. It is one of the only endowed, center-based supply chain programs in the country.

Highly Ranked Programs

Undergraduate Specialization in Supply Chain Management


#10 Gartner Top U.S. Supply Chain Undergraduate University

Open to all BBA students, this specialization combines academic coursework with applied learning opportunities. An understanding of the supply chain can enhance any business major.

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MBA Career Specialization in Supply Chain Management


#8 Gartner Top U.S. Supply Chain Graduate University

This specialization provides Wisconsin MBA students with an immersion in supply chain management from day one, preparing them for leadership roles in a wide range of industries.

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Our Approach

The Grainger Center provides a student-centered, industry-relevant education in supply chain management. Five pillars guide all that the Center does.

Individualized Student Development

A supply chain management education can take students in many directions. Through academic and career advising services, we work closely with each student to understand their goals and help them get where they want to go.

Close-Knit Community

Grainger Center community members know each other by name. The MBA class ranges from 10 to 15 students each year, and the BBA class size is about 100 students. The result is a highly personalized educational experience.

Interdisciplinary Orientation

Supply chain management is not just operations, marketing, finance, or information technology—it is all of these business disciplines working together. Our approach is cross-functional in nature, equipping students to be successful in this in this complex and challenging field.


Breadth and Depth

Supply chain management students at the Wisconsin School of Business complete a core curriculum in business, as well as gaining specialized knowledge in supply chain management. This prepares students for flexibility and advancement in their careers.

Applied Learning

Academic learning is complemented by “applied” classes where students experience industry practices and trends in real time. These classes incorporate guest speakers, site visits, case competitions, professional development activities, and more.


Explore the Grainger Center


Stay informed on activities at the Grainger Center. Our alumni newsletter and Supply Chain Update contain news of student and faculty achievements, executive advisory board meetings, Center milestones, and more. We invite you to read these publications online.

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Advisory Board

Our advisory board gives students direct access to senior executives at leading firms renowned for supply chain excellence. An extensive network of corporate partners brings real-world perspective, providing applied learning opportunities and career guidance.

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Alumni and Friends

The generous support of alumni, industry partners, and other friends is vital to the Grainger Center as we prepare new generations of leaders in supply chain management. Alumni also support each other as lifelong members of the Business Badger network.

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