The Erdman Center is affiliated with the Operations and Information Management (OIM) department in the School of Business, and administers the recruitment, education, financial support, placement, and alumni contacts for all MBA students in the OTM program.

The Center’s structure encompasses Staff, Industrial Advisory Board, and Academic Advisory Board.

The Center staff consists of Executive Director (Enno Siemsen), Director (Steve Boeder), Center and Department Assistant (Kathy McCord).

The Executive Advisory Board consists of about 15 members.  It has two annual meetings, led by the Center Directors.  Work by the members outside of the annual meetings occurs on special occasions at the directive of the Center Directors.

The Academic Advisory Board consists of seven faculty members: Professors Mark Finster (OIM), Jon Eckhardt (Management & Human Resources; Executive Director, Weinert Center for Entrepreneurship), Jim Morris (OIM Chair), Ananth Krishnamurthy (Industrial & Systems Eng; Director of UW Quick Response Manufacturing Center), Raj Veeramani (Industrial & Systems Eng and OIM; Director, E-Business Consortium), Enno Siemsen (OIM; Executive Director, Erdman Center), and Jignesh Patel (Computer Science).