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Erdman Anniversary Banner

The year 2015 was a very important year for the Erdman Center. It turned 20 this year, passing a huge milestone in its history. Marking the 20th anniversary, the center hosted a 3-day long celebration. The event was attended by Erdman Center Advisory board members, former board members, alumni, current students, faculty and staff of the School of Business, and esteemed members of the Erdman family.

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Brunch Cruise Group

A group photo at the end of the Betty Lou Brunch Cruise on Lake Mendota.

As always, the 'above average' OTM students had their hands full in Fall of 2015. Before, in between, and the end of classes there were welcoming new students, orientation sessions, applied learning activities, board meeting, and holiday party - not to mention Ironman competitions.

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Asher Husain (MTM May '99)

“It's amazing how time flies, I believe it has been five years since we last touched base at the last anniversary reunion. I sincerely apologize for the late RSVP, but my plans to attend the 20th Anniversary celebration were uncertain due to a very positive event in our lives. My wife Amna and I recently adopted a baby girl from Pakistan over the summer. We named our daughter Ameera.

Due to legal formalities and waiting for Ameera's visa, there was some uncertainty in my schedule this fall. Fortunately, my wife and Ameera came home just a few weeks ago on October 21, and my mother-in-law is staying with us for a couple weeks to help out. I look forward to seeing you, Kathy, and everyone else tomorrow (November 12).”

Asher Husain


Jia-Hui Chen (OTM’ 08)

“It has been 7 years since I graduated from UW-Madison and Erdman Center. After graduation in 2008, I left to San Jose, CA for a job and also got married to Jamie on Thanksgiving Day that year. Last year we bought a house in Los Angeles and also had our first child, Kaitlyn.

These years I was connected to center passively through emails from you, current students and Alumni. The 20th Anniversary is a milestone of Erdman Center, and I really want to go back to celebrate with you and other alumni. However, my current life with 11 month daughter just doesn't give me the flexibility to make the trip.

I am grateful to be part of the OTMers and have you as our professor and center director during my time of MBA study. The learning from OTM program sets my career path and lays the foundation of my professional work. You make our center from great to greater during your tenure as the director, but I believe more students will benefit over all when you have more time to teach. My best wishes to your new teaching life!!”

Jia-Hui Chen 


Rakesh Sah (OTM, May '15)

“It's been a little over two months now. I am still a “Noogler” (i.e., a New Googler). They give all Nooglers a propeller hat when we come in and we ride around the campus in one of those Google bikes.

It's great so far. Never imagined I could make it here but feels good to be around some of the smartest people that I've known. Tremendous learning opportunity and filled with fun activities too (I've already been to two off-sites, one at the wine country and one in the city and a holiday party. Another holiday party is coming up soon.) Work is good too. Lots to learn and to do. The Program Manager ladder is pretty intensive and I like it so far.

Wow, great looking placement statistics for our class, especially OTM! Couldn't be happier to see that. Urban - Looks like we made it "above average" yet again... woohoo!

On Wisconsin!”

Rakesh Sah

Google Campus Bikes

The next Erdman Center board meeting will be held in Madison on Friday, March 11, 2016. Mark your calendar now!

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