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Scott Hannan graduated from the CBPM in 2014. Since then he’s been building loyalty for great products and proving the strength of the bonds being a badger creates. (Oh, and enjoying watching the Chicago Bears lose)

Prior to coming to the CBPM what were you doing and why’d you choose to come and get your MBA?

Scott Hannan and classmates participate in Relay for Life during their MBA program

Before the CBPM I was an Implementation Project Manager at Epic. I knew I wanted to get my MBA since Undergrad (Business Administration at UW-Eau Claire) and always wanted to be a Badger. I toured the CBPM and knew right away that Madison was where I wanted to get my MBA.  The combination of smaller class sizes, a specialty focus in Brand and Product Management, and the wonderful people I met made the decision easy.



How have you stayed in touch with the people you met during your MBA?

Bride & Groom Scott and Megan and CBPM Classmates

I have tried to stay in touch with my classmates as much as possible, especially my closest MBA friends Mike Desamero, Zach Schaefer, and David Curley! The four of us had a lot of fun during our MBA years, including watching the Bears lose, Bowling, TAPs, and working on an amazing project with Capital Brewery. We have a group text going, usually with updates around football. They all attended my Wedding in Madison last  September when I married another Badger, Megan Hakes (BA ’15). We met at a San Diego Wisconsin Alumni Association Event :D.

What’s your current role and why do you enjoy doing it?

Currently, I am a Senior Product Manager at Allergan Data Labs in Irvine, CA. I enjoy many aspects of my job. A couple highlights include being able to build and influence a loyalty product from the ground up (zero lines of code) and being able to manage and grow other product managers. The people are great, and it is located in Sunny Orange County!

What’s one project you’ve worked on post-MBA that has really stood out or if your favorite?

There have been many great projects that I have been able to work on post MBA. I would say my current project, rebuilding Allergan’s loyalty program (now Alle) has been my favorite. Before that, I would say leading a turnaround of the Desktop TurboTax Business at Intuit. After an all around disappointing year for TurboTax Desktop, I was able to step into the product marketing role to help change customer’s opinions and regain our customer’s trust. It was a very challenging year but the team knocked it out of the park and we beat forecast for units and revenue. It was a very special moment for me when I walked into a Costco and saw the TurboTax Desktop Product, that I helped create and worked so hard on, flying off the shelves around the United States.