May 9, 2020 | By Carly O'Meara | Back to news

Although my MBA is ending in an unexpected way, I can’t help but happily look back on my time at Wisconsin with the CBPM. These few weeks in quarantine have been a good time to reflect and realize how grateful I am for my experiences over the last two years. I met amazing friends, have so many great memories and learned so much from my network at WSB.

Some of my favorite moments from my MBA career include the Marketing trip to China (my first time visiting Asia!), happy hours at the Terrace and entertaining performances at Multicultural Night and the Arts Showcase. It was also fun getting dressed up and celebrating the end of the semester with classmates and their significant others at the Holiday Party and the Spring Ball. There’s no doubt that there was ever a lack of fun events to attend!


There are also so many simpler memories from hanging out in Grainger Hall most of the week. I love that every specialization has its own center to spend time with classmates, work through projects together and take a break between classes. I learned so much from working with my fellow classmates that I will definitely take with me in my career. I really understand the power of brainstorming, constructive feedback and a trusted support system. I think I have so many fond memories while in the CBPM because we all had fun while working hard – that seems like an important skill to build in order to find a balance in life!

Now that I’ve been taking classes remotely during COVID-19, I truly regret taking the time in class for granted. At times school might have felt a little overwhelming, but now that I’m nearing graduation, I realize how much I’ve really learned over the past four semesters. All of the marketing fundamentals and theories taught by Jan Heide and Neeraj Arora are even more clear now that I’ve used them in action at my internship and in our Applied Learning Integrated Marketing Communication projects. The Wisconsin MBA really ensures a full circle academic experience from start to finish.

Graduating will be very bittersweet. I’m sad to leave all my friends in Madison, but am excited to take everything I’ve learned at WSB and apply it in the real world. On, Wisconsin!