Traditions are at the Heart of the CBPM

March 9, 2020 | By Hannah O'Brien | Back to news

Being part of the Center for Brand and Product Management (CBPM) has been a highlight of my MBA experience. Not only are the career guidance, corporate connections, and Advisory Board support impressive but the center is my “home away from home”. It is a space to collaborate and bond with my classmates and relax in between classes and events. The students and faculty of the CBPM have become my MBA family and with that comes many traditions.

To kick off each year, our faculty director, Page Moreau, hosts us at her home as the second-years meet the first-years. This is a fun way to start the year and connect with both students and faculty in a relaxed environment. The second-years each bring products from their summer internships and make goodie bags for the first-years, getting them excited for all the company events they will attend throughout the fall.


Spending so much time in the center results in hungry students, therefore “Snack Week” has been implemented so that we never run out of fuel. We take turns providing snacks to share with our fellow Brandies; I personally enjoy the baked goods! On the topic of food, our annual Crocktoberfest event occurs every fall and provides an opportunity to taste an array of recipes all made in crock pots.


After a stressful team project or tough test, it is nice to lounge on the couch and challenge someone in Super Smash Bros. With a projection TV screen the whole center can get involved in the competition! Whether you play ball or not, every spring we host Brandsketball at the UW Rec Center gym. Second-years take on the first-years in a game of basketball for the grand prize of…bragging rights! This turns out to be a motivating prize and the game often gets very intense. Competition not only exists within the center but among the other centers as well. Each spring we create a folly video to represent the CBPM and showcase our creativity as we go up against the other specializations within the MBA program. Each center’s video is voted on to determine which is the winner.

Throughout the year there are many opportunities for second-years to mentor the first-years and help prepare them for interviews and internships. This is done both formally and informally, but the support is like none I have experienced before! The year ends with a final Applied Learning class where the graduating second-years give all their parting advice before first-years head off to their internships. It was overwhelming, but later appreciated.

Well, it’s Friday afternoon and this week’s Applied Learning just ended so I’m off to Vintage for happy hour!