Mike Judge

Greetings from Madison!

We’re excited to share with you some of this school year’s CBPM experiences and successes! Please take a few minutes and browse through our students’ articles on the CBPM trip to China, our Advisory Board meeting on corporate responsibility, the Alumni spotlight, and several other excellent blogs related to the University of Wisconsin CBPM MBA experience.     


We also ask that you please consider donating to the Brand Center, as part of thCBPM Alumni Give Back campaign we are kicking offSince its inception, the CBPM has not been funded as an endowment, but from major donors’ charitable cash giftsWe are extremely thankful for the generosity of these donorsThese gifts over the past sixteen years have supported the financial aid for over 25CBPM students, sponsored 11 International Experience trips, as well as funded all of the Applied Learning courses and board meetings since the start of the Center


The CBPM Alumni Give Back campaign is currently one of three new funding sources for the Center. In partnership with the School of Business the CBPM is also creating an MS in Strategic Digital Marketing, and a Marketing Consulting Practicum course with the A.C. Nielsen Center; both of which will be revenue generating. The intent has always been that the generous gifts supporting the CBPM would eventually be spent down and gradually replaced with other funding sources, which is where the Center situation is at this time. 


It’s worth noting that the timing of these funding initiatives is not tied to the ill-fated decision to suspend the full-time MBA program back in 2017; among other damage from that incident, it hindered the development of these new funding initiatives. Nevertheless, we can’t change the past, and it is important to know moving forward that the full-time MBA program and the CBPM have the steadfast support of both the Chancellor, and the new Wisconsin School of Business Dean, Vallabh (Samba) Sambamurthy.


So, we ask that you please consider donating to the CBPM for the benefit of future CBPM students. Your donations will be used for student financial aid and student experience spending including sponsoring the CBPM International Experience trips.  In the coming 2 weeks you will receive a class year specific email with next steps, ways to give & more information about the Campaign. Many of your classmates have stepped up to help us as Class Captains and you’ll be receiving further communications from them as well. 


We hope you and your families have a wonderful spring and summer!


On, Wisconsin!