By Kristin Bush, Class of 2021

Cassandra Begalle, a Center for Brand and Product Management class of 2016 alum, is a legend among the Center students. Her legacy as a super woman and mom rings throughout Grainger. It comes as no surprise that Cassie's success within the Wisconsin School of Business expanded into her career at Kimberly-Clark. 
Cassie is currently a brand manager in strategy and innovation under the U by Kotex brand. She leads strategy in the personal care mega category, working on understanding the consumers wants and needs. With this information, she builds the brand to fulfill the consumers’ needs in the next three years and out. While most of her projects are proprietary, Cassie exuded excitement for her brand and it's future. 
Approaching her 4-year anniversary at Kimberly-Clark, Cassie reflected on her accomplishments throughout the years. At first it was difficult for Cassie to recollect her professional success; she was very humble about her achievements. However, Cassie earned many accomplishments. First, Cassie played a major role in revamping Pull-Ups and GoodNites brands within her first two years at Kimberly-Clark. As a result of Cassie's effort, both brands are growing and maintaining their market shares. Secondly, Cassie built the relationship between U by Kotex and Alliance for Period Supplies, a partnership that donates period products to women in need. In building this partnership, the number of donations has grown from 10 million to over 16 million in just one year! 
Finally, Cassie had her fourth child, Sawyer. Cassie is well known for her super mom capabilities. One of her more famous legacies include her not only presenting her ICA presentation, but also smashing the presentation out of the park only one week after having her daughter, Violet. Cassie worked hard over the last four years to balance her work and family life. It comes as no surprise, that her crowning achievement as a Brand Manager is her ability to breakdown the misconceptions of a working mother. She is proof that woman can have a successful career and a thriving family. Working mothers can achieve success professionally while still being the best possible parent. 
Through all of her success, Cassie recognizes that her success would not have been possible without the support of the Wisconsin School of Business. Starting as an intern at Kimberly-Clark, she appreciated learning the foundation and fundamental skills of marketing. As an associate brand manager, her summer internship was not wasted on learning the basics, but rather learning the profession. Cassie felt that this fundamental knowledge set her apart from the other interns and prepared her for success as an associate brand manager. Further, Cassie accredited the Center for Brand and Product Management for enabling her to feel passion for the consumer. Through her passion for the consumer and the center's encouragement to understand the consumer, Cassie has succeeded in developing brands for the consumer. Cassie also accredits her success to the alum and board members. Throughout her time within the Wisconsin School of Business and as an employee of Kimberly-Clark, Cassie feels that the Badger network has been a tremendous help. She loves that this network is there for anything, questions, projects she couldn't tackle herself, or even as a sound board she can bounce ideas off of. Through the thick and thin, Cassie has felt the CBPM network was always supporting her. 
Cassie Begalle and FamilyCassie truly enjoyed her time at the Wisconsin School of business. While in the program Cassie juggled work, classes, a family and being pregnant. Through her hard work and determination, she was awarded the Outstanding Student Award for the best GPA and performance in class. Cassie explained that during the ceremony, she felt an overwhelming sense of pride; her hard work and sleepless nights were worth the honor. Another proud moment for Cassie occurred when she received an internship offer for her number company, Kimberly-Clark. Cassie was not all work though either. Some of her favorite memories from the CBPM was playing games that sometimes turned too competitive on Mario Brothers. She also has fond memories of the brand ladies throwing a surprise baby shower and her ICA group taking turns holding baby Violet while practicing for the presentation. When asked what she missed most about the program, Cassie was quick to answer the people, the passion and excitement of learning, and Badger football games. 
Cassie is the embodiment of Wisconsin School of Business. Her success came from hard work, a powerful network, and Wisconsin pride. The Center of Brand and Product Management is honored to have her as an alum. Keep an eye on Cassie, she is going places and breaking misconceptions on her way!