Thank you to all of our incredible Class Captains, alumni, Advisory Board members, and friends who gave throughout the 2019 Alumni Giving Campaign. With your help we crushed our goal and raised over $170,000! This money will go directly to supporting students in the Center including supporting their Global Course initiative this January!

We especially wanted to thank the Class of 2008 who created a scholarship fund in memory of Jill Kurzawa Witkowski.

If you didn’t get a chance to give and would like to you are always encouraged and welcome to give directly to the Center here: Or you can give to Jill’s fund here.

The Center relies on alumni giving back to support current and future students. We have always been proud give our students as much financial aid as possible and hope that this encourages you to give back to future generations of CBPMers.

Thank you again to our incredible Class Captains:

Carrie Rathod, 2005
Sarah Jones, 2006
Kurt Kober, 2007
Moira Adams & Terence Thomas, 2008
Shannon Robinson, 2010
Luis Otero, 2011
Drew Vernon, 2012
Erin Webb, 2013
Todd Hamilton, 2014
Jackie McAuley, 2016
Farin Williams, 2017
Jessica Schuh, 2018