Curriculum Updates: 


Last year we had the opportunity to implement new ideas for how we structure the full-time MBA curriculum. The idea worked well, and we’re pleased to share with you that our module system for core courses during candidates’ first year has returned for the 2018-2019 year!


The module system is similar to the “quarter system” many schools and universities have used in the past, however with modules we are able to keep specialization courses at a full semester length and uniquely place our leadership symposium in its own week dividing the first and second core modules each semester. The first seven weeks include Financial Accounting, Data to Decisions, and Leading and Working in Teams, while the final seven weeks include Marketing Management, Operations Management, and Introduction to Financial Management. Our Leadership Symposium is now three half-day sessions during week 8, dividing each core course module. Marketing Research and Applied Learning courses remain the full length of the semester.


The Spring semester holds a slight tweak. The first seven week include Strategic Management, Ethics, Integrity, and Society, and the new Integrated Company Analysis (ICA). Economics for Managers is now split between micro- and macro-economics into two five-week sessions. ICA brings a corporate partner to the MBA program with a real challenge they are evaluating and asks students to own the business and develop solutions. Last year we worked with Medtronic, who was so pleased with the recommendations and results that they decided to return with a new challenge for the Spring 2019 course.


We are always making efforts to keep curriculum as up to date as possible with the evolving industry demands placed on brand managers. Those efforts extend beyond the core curriculum into the electives offered. Moving into the current academic year we have the pleasure of sharing with you great additions, which include both quantitative and qualitative learning opportunities. Two exciting courses added to the list include Strategic Pricing, now specific for MBA candidates, and the Consumer Insights Practicum. It’s worth noting that students are now also eligible to take up to three electives each semester during their second year. Below is a list of our current recommended or popular electives.

  • Consumer Behavior
  • Strategic Global Sourcing
  • Enterprise Systems and Supply Chain Management
  • Strategic Pricing
  • Consumer Insights Practicum
  • International Marketing Management
  • Risk Analytics & Behavioral Economics
  • Challenges & Solutions in Business Sustainability
  • Strategic Management of Innovation
  • Entrepreneurial Management
  • Bargaining, Negotiating & Dispute Settlement
  • Behavioral Analysis of Management Decision Making
  • WAVE (Entrepreneurship Course)
  • Entrepreneurial Finance
  • Managing Legal Risks
  • Health Care Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Analytics
  • Methods of Qualitative Research
  • Learning a Statistical Language- R Introduction
  • Learning a Statistical Language- R Intermediate
  • Learning a Statistical Language- R Advanced
  • Product Development Strategies in Retailing
  • Introduction to Cultural Psychology


Student Updates: 


Congratulations to those students who are now in leadership positions across the MBA program!

  • Bailey Hackbarth: Co-President of Joint Venture Club
  • Gautam Kumar: Current 1st Year Graduate Business Association Representative
  • Michael Lynch: Manbassador for Graduate Women in Business (GWIB)
  • Hannah O'Brien: President of Graduate Marketing Network (GMN), Co-President of the Food & Wine Club
  • Carly O'Meara: Treasurer of GMN
  • Neha Patil: Co-President, Graduate Multi-Cultural Business Association
  • Sonia Petty: Co-President of Net Impact
  • Chad Reinhardt, Co-President of Tech Product Club
  • Vicky Schetelich: GBA Development Chair
  • Megan Stock: Co-President of the Food & Wine Club
  • Kaitlyn Wilchynski: Co-President of Joint Venture Club, Secretary of Diversity Club, VP and Events Chair of Net Impact

We are very excited for all the great things happening to keep propelling the Wisconsin MBA program forward. On, Wisconsin!