by Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Happy Holidays from Madison!

As the Center for Brand and Product Management’s fall semester wraps up, we have a great deal to be thankful for in 2018, as well as much to look forward to in the year that comes.

The CPBM’s faculty and staff are thrilled to report that everyone in the Class of 2019 received a full-time offer before the holidays! The hard work and ambition of each one of these 23 students has been impressive and a joy to observe.

We also continue to be proud of the +67% salary increase from pre to post CBPM MBA. It is a statistic that the entire CBPM community—alumni, advisory board, faculty, staff, and students--helps to make possible. We are genuinely appreciative of everyone’s commitment to help ensure this meaningful impact on our students’ lives


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by Vicky Schetelich, Class of 2020

Students from the Center for Brand & Product Management had a unique opportunity to join the A.C. Nielsen Center’s Alumni and Friends Summit.  This is a biennial educational conference; each one features a new theme to guide its discussion and industry topics. This year’s theme was “Leading Through Disruption,” and provided UW-Madison A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research and Center for Brand and Product Management MBA students the opportunity to learn about marketing trends and case studies driving the industry’s innovation and foresight.

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by Adam Lifka, Class of 2019

There are many reasons I chose to attend the Wisconsin School of Business when I decided to pursue my MBA. These included the small class size, which would allow me to develop quality relationships with all of my classmates and give me more opportunities to take a leadership role within the program, the engaged alumni base, which I knew was a testament to the people who went to UW as well as the program itself, the city of Madison itself, and more. The most differentiating factor, however, was the specialization model that UW uses to structure its curriculum.

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by Hannah O'Brien, Class of 2020

“Your future is not in the rearview mirror.” While there is some truth in this quaint quote from a Successories poster, most companies affix their eyes on what is past and fail to look ahead. In fact, only 2.4% of companies take a futurist approach to strategic planning. A futurist approach means to leverage strategic foresight- to plan the future based on what’s ahead not what’s behind. Futurist, Rebecca Ryan, kicked off the Wisconsin School of Business Full-time MBA Leadership Symposium with some astonishing statistics followed by teachings on how to develop a futurist mindset, the core tools of foresight, and foresight’s triumphs and catastrophes in modern business.

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by Aggie Howland, Class of 2019

A. HowlandAggie Howland, 2nd year MBA student in the Center for Brand & Product Management, sat down with Jan B. Heide to discuss his research on distribution and supply chain relationships and how these B2B relationships contribute to firms’ success. Jan is the Irwin Maier Professor of Business at the Wisconsin School of Business. His primary teaching and research interests are distribution systems, strategic partnerships, and marketing strategy.

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by Taha Tyebjee, Class of 2019


I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Christine Ryan about her experiences at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and throughout her career. Christine is an alum of the Center for Brand and Product Management and earned her MBA in 2012.

Christine is passionate about racing and participates in all kinds of events throughout the year, including marathons, triathlons, and trail races. An Ironman brought her back to Madison in 2017! 


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by Jeff Koch, Class of 2019

As a first-year candidate last year I was excited for the opportunity to meet our Center for Brand & Product Management (CBPM) Advisory Board at the fall meeting. I wanted to speak to as many members as I could and learn every bit of insight and advice they could give me toward having the most successful MBA experience possible. As a second-year candidate the excitement remained, however the ambition had changed to sharing with them how my experience has gone so far, how my internship experience had gone, and discussing future career plans. The relationship dynamic had changed. 

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If you have not checked in on our Advisory Board website you may be in for some new faces! In the last couple of years we've added a couple of new representatives from companies including:

  • Brian Luedtke, Hollister
  • Sarah Jones, CBPM Alum & Advisory Board Member, Amazon,
  • Luis Otero, CBPM Alum & Advisory Board Member, Exact Sciences,
  • Scott Skurnick, Nestle  
  • Matt Vokoun, Google

To see a full list of Advisory Board members visit our website

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Curriculum Updates: 


Last year we had the opportunity to implement new ideas for how we structure the full-time MBA curriculum. The idea worked well, and we’re pleased to share with you that our module system for core courses during candidates’ first year has returned for the 2018-2019 year!


The module system is similar to the “quarter system” many schools and universities have used in the past, however with modules we are able to keep specialization courses at a full semester length and uniquely place our leadership symposium in its own week dividing the first and second core modules each semester. 


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Donate: Please consider the Center for Brand and Product Management and the Wisconsin School of Business in your giving expenditures. Your gift to the Center for Brand & Product Management Fund will immediately impact all that the Center does, including student scholarship, leadership training, international education and other opportunities for our students. We'd also be honored to have you include the Wisconsin School of Business Fund if you're looking for a gift that is not Center-specific.

Alumni Referral Program: If you know of anyone who would be a good fit for the CBPM or the WSB MBA Program send them our way!

Get Involved: If you'd like to get involved through donating your time please feel free to reach out Sarah Kervin ( We're always looking for alumni to do mock interviews, to be a mentor, or be involved in many other ways.

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