MJared DayFour months have passed since our trip to Mexico City in January. I had spent some time in Mexico prior to the CBPM trip, but I knew this experience was going to be unique. I was going to have the chance to connect with world-class marketers and learn more the Mexican consumer. Reflecting now, I realize that the experience provided me much more than I anticipated. The experience was complete with cultural tours, company visits, experiential learnings, and service projects. Below are some highlights from our trip.

CBPM at MexicoWe visited many cultural sites, including the Museo Nacional de Antropología, the Catedral Metropolitana, and Teotihuacan. These visits helped us immerse ourselves in Mexican history and cultural. Mexicans are very proud of their heritage and history. Rather than overlooking blemishes in their past – the Mexican people embrace their entire history and proudly acknowledge their complete past. These visits were extremely enlightening and helped us students better understand Mexican values.

While in Mexico we visited several companies: ConAgra Brands, S.C. Johnson, Proctor & Gamble, and a local advertising agency - Anónimo. Each company provided different opportunities for learning. One of the most intriguing insights we gained was from our visit to ConAgra Brands. During our visit, we were placed into teams and conducted home visits with consumers of ACT II popcorn. Our visits demonstrated Mexican consumers’ feelings of loyalty to the products they purchase. We also learned that Mexico has many more retail channels than the United States. For example, Walmart created six different store formats, compared to the three formats in the United States. There are also several “mom and pop” shops all over the country. These learnings are invaluable to successfully navigate marketing efforts in Mexico.

CBPM in Mexico

We also had the opportunity to learn more about Mexico’s political and social situation through our visits to the United States Embassy and a small Orphanage. During our trip to the embassy we gained a better understanding of how vital the relationship between the United States and Mexico is for both countries. Both countries depend on one another for growth and success. At the orphanage, we had the privilege of working and playing with over 30 Mexican children. We got to celebrate El Dia de los Reyes Magos with the kids and experience their culture. Both visits provided us with a more complete perspective on Mexico.

The global trip was absolutely phenomenal! We were provided a holistic view of Mexico and gained insights that we will carry with us throughout our careers. We want to thank the CBPM office, our tour guide Juan Carlos, our alumni and advisory board. A lot of work and effort went into the execution of this trip. It was a great success and I believe I speak for all the students when I say thank you!