Katherine DoehringIn the fall of 2014 I visited the University of Wisconsin business school as a prospective applicant, spending the entire morning in classes and meeting with different faculty members on campus. That afternoon I went to lunch with two students, who at the time were just starting their MBA career at UW. Little did I know that one of those students would eventually become my mentor on campus and continue to help me throughout my first year, even after she graduated.

The connection that CBPM Alumni have with the center is so rich, authentic and supportive of current students – I can’t imagine a stronger business community network. My strong connection with brand center alums started before I even stepped into Grainger and has continued throughout my three semesters on campus.

I have so many examples of times throughout my MBA career when I was able to reach out to an alum for support and they went above and beyond to help me. For example, when I was deciding between summer internships last year I reached out to a few alums I had never met but who had faced similar decisions when they were students. They were more than happy to talk to me about their experiences and how they eventually picked their internship; even though we had never met or overlapped on campus.

Throughout my internship at Intuit I was surrounded by the support of CBPM alums who helped ease my transition into the company, were always available for a quick lunch and who helped me craft my final presentation for the summer. Their support made me an even better intern and their coaching allowed me to showcase the best work I could have presented at the end of the summer – I truly felt that I was among family.

As I enter my final semester I know that I will give back to the CBPM community in the same way that others before me have done. I can’t wait to participate in mock interviews and help coach the next class of business badgers through internship interviews. I look forward to receiving emails from current students about their company search and questions about my summer internship experience. And most importantly, I can’t wait to come back to campus and sit on the other side of the interview table to recruit from the next class of students!

This fall, while on a company visit, I had dinner with a member of the first graduating class from the brand center and another alum who graduated a few years ago. Three generations of CBPM students, laughing about our experience and comparing experiences. It was truly remarkable the quick bond we formed at that dinner – I can’t imagine another MBA program with that level of intimacy among current students and their alumni. While I will surely miss my time as a student, I’m looking forward to a lifetime of paying forward all the help I received as a student.

Katherine Doehring with Angie Peltzer 

My buddy and mentor Angie Peltzer '16, Net Impact Conference, Seattle WA

Katherine Doehring with badger alums

San Diego TAPS at Intuit with four badger alums!