By Mike Judge

Mike JudgeHappy spring from Madison!

As the semester comes to an end, there are new beginnings associated with the CBPM and the Wisconsin School of Business. Our students are poised to start their new careers and internships with a variety of outstanding companies, which speaks to both the quality of our CBPM students and how hard they worked to earn these opportunities. We are preparing to welcome our newly accepted Class of 2019 in a few short months. We are quite pleased that the class size continues to grow; this class currently stands at 25 students for this fall. In addition, we are very excited to on-board Anne P. Massey who will be joining the Wisconsin School of Business as our new Dean this summer.

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By Katherine Doehring

Katherine Doehring

In the fall of 2014 I visited the University of Wisconsin business school as a prospective applicant, spending the entire morning in classes and meeting with different faculty members on campus. That afternoon I went to lunch with two students, who at the time were just starting their MBA career at UW. Little did I know that one of those students would eventually become my mentor on campus and continue to help me throughout my first year, even after she graduated.

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By Priyanka Verma

Priyanka Verma

Over the course of five weeks, the first and second year CBPM classes had the opportunity to work with Lance Wilke and Abbey Vanderwoude from BTS in an Applied Learning workshop series called “Developing a Strategic Plan.” BTS typically works with global companies such as Coca-Cola, Nike, Mondelez, and Microsoft, and delivers results that have a direct impact to these companies’ operating income and revenue. The strategy consulting group, however, took some time out of their busy schedule to lead our class through a multi-step business simulation that helped us understand the many facets of developing a strategic plan, and the various levers that must be pulled in order to maximize profits.

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By Meredith Rolen

Meredith Rolen

As a Consortium Fellow, MBA Ambassador (with two buddies), Co-Social Chair for GBA, President of Luxury Business Decisions and GMN board member, I had a unique view of the 2017 On Wisconsin! Weekend. And by unique, I mean every view that you can imagine.

Thursday morning of On Wisconsin! Weekend started with sitting on a panel for the 2019 Consortium class. Consortium students come in a day earlier to prepare for “OP” (Orientation Program), an intensive week long interview process developed to help introduce minorities to business. Wisconsin was one of the first 3 schools that began participating in The Consortium and has continued its commitment to diversity ever since...

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By Jennifer Lane

Jennifer Lane

21 short months ago, on the first day of MBA orientation, I entered Grainger Hall for the very first time. I had applied to the Center of Brand and Product Management, and made the decision to get my MBA here, without ever having visited campus. As I drove from Boston, MA to Madison, WI in August of 2015, I had little idea what to expect, but had a good feeling about the adventure I was going to endure.

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By Jared Day

Jared Day

Four months have passed since our trip to Mexico City in January. I had spent some time in Mexico prior to the CBPM trip, but I knew this experience was going to be unique. I was going to have the chance to connect with world-class marketers and learn more the Mexican consumer. Reflecting now, I realize that the experience provided me much more than I anticipated. The experience was complete with cultural tours, company visits, experiential learnings, and service projects. Below are some highlights from our trip.

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When I moved to Madison to attend the Wisconsin School of Business, my biggest preoccupation was finding Wellie boots and a North Face coat to get me through the winter. I was definitely a brand nerd from the beginning. The Center for Brand & Product Management helped prepare me for a career where I have the fortune of getting to explore my passion for brands every day.

After graduating from the Wisconsin School of Business in 2012, I joined Procter & Gamble in the Pet Care division as an Assistant Brand Manager. There I worked on Natura Pet, a portfolio of natural pet food brands, where I learned more than I ever could have imaged about the complexity and dynamic nature of the pet food industry.

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How time flies! This year, we’re very proud to be celebrating the ten-year anniversary of the Wisconsin School of Business Naming Partnership. The Naming Partnership began in in fall of 2007, when the Wisconsin School of Business received an $85M “naming” donation that came without a name attached to it. Instead, 13 like-minded UW alumni donors had come together to request that the Wisconsin School of Business preserve its name for the following twenty years. The naming gift received both national and international press, as it was innovative in the world of philanthropy, and the first of its kind in the history of U.S. business schools. This gesture signified an incredible message that our school still uses as inspiration today: by working together, we can achieve greatness.

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See which companies our Class of 2017 students have committed to for their full-time positions here.

Class of 2018 is off to their summer internships. See where they're headed.

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The CBPM will be hosting an Alumni Reunion on November 10th-11th, 2017. We're excited to welcome our alumni back to Madison for the opportunity to reconnect with Advisory Board members, current student & staff, and other alumni and attend a home football game. We'll be hosting an alumni learning session during the afternoon on Friday November 10th, followed by a happy hour in the evening, and a tailgate pregame on Saturday the 11th. We also have a block of tickets reserved for the Iowa vs. Wisconsin game. More information to come!


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