Julianna Masterton 150x225Why Wisconsin? Then and Now

For anyone who knows me, when it comes to making big decisions I am thoughtful and analytical, sometimes to a fault. I like to thoroughly research my options, write pro/con lists and talk things out to make informed decisions. When it came time to decide where I should pursue my MBA, it was no different. Now that I am halfway done with my second year of the program, I want to revisit my top 5 reasons for choosing Wisconsin.

  1. Specialization model: As a marketing professional before business school, I knew I wanted to pursue brand management – there was no question in my mind. By specializing in brand and product management, I would be able to focus on my passion from the start with similarly focused individuals. It turns out that this could not have been truer. I have had the benefit of learning with students across specializations and diving deeper with fellow Brandies on industry specifics from the very start of the program.
  2. Advisory Board: The Advisory Board seemed like a unique aspect of the Wisconsin School of Business, but I don’t think I truly understood how much of an advantage it is until experiencing it. I have gotten to know many of the board members from the on-campus Advisory Board meetings, practiced my interview skills with thorough mock interviews, and even discussed my first-year capstone project on Target with a board member who was formerly a VP there.
  3. Top-notch recruiting partnerships: While many schools have great recruiting companies, what I have found to be the distinguishing factor for Wisconsin is the word partnership. On-campus recruiting companies are invested in Wisconsin students and looking to build relationships throughout the process, and I could not have imagined these relationships before going through the process myself.
  4. Incredible ROI: I came to business school to advance my career and round out my knowledge base. Wisconsin’s reasonable tuition and generous funding opportunities allowed me to pursue brand management in a fiscally responsible way. Rather than feel like my options were limited by debt, coming to Wisconsin has only opened doors to new opportunities.
  5. Midwest location: I was born and raised on the East Coast but have spent my adult life living in the Midwest and have loved it. I did not know much about Madison before applying to business school, but my husband (and fellow classmate) thought it’d be a great place to live for a few years. As soon as we moved here, we fell in love with this city. It’s college town meets state capitol, with a dash of young professional. We will definitely miss calling this charming place home, but we hope to be back often for football games and opportunities to recruit fellow Badgers!

My top five reasons I chose Wisconsin remain true and have taken on a whole new meaning since stepping on campus for first-year orientation. However, I would like to make an amendment to my list.

My 6th reason for choosing Wisconsin is the people – both current students and alumni. I know it is cliché, but I have made so many wonderful friends in the program that will be friends for life. Wisconsin alumni are passionate people who are always willing to help. I have connected with tons of alumni informally, spoken to my formal Brand Center alumni mentor about career paths and full-time decisions, and walked into my day one of my internship knowing the Badgers were all rooting for me.

I think it is safe to say I made the right decision.