By Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Happy Holidays from Madison!

As many of you may have heard, it was quite the fall semester here at the Wisconsin School of Business (WSB).

Back in October, a proposal was put forth by the new WSB leadership to evaluate our portfolio of programs which included the potential suspension of the full time MBA program. Once this was made public, there was a tremendous outpouring of dissent and passion from current students, alumni, and friends of the WSB.  It was a tumultuous few weeks for those of us that work in Grainger, but at that same time it was uplifting to see so much support and gratitude for our amazing programs. The proposal was ultimately rescinded and Chancellor Blank has committed to strengthening the full-time MBA, as well as expanding and building new programs at the WSB.          

Now we can look forward to and plan for our future. It is important that we as a Center and as a School continue to grow and meet market demands. We expect change and are excited to see in what new ways we can meet student and industry needs. Our goal is to continually improve and excel.  

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By Priya Gupta, Class of 2019

Just 2 months into the MBA program, and we were already approaching the most exciting event of the year - The Advisory Board Meeting. It was intimidating to see the impressive list of board members at first and the thought of interacting with them made me all the more nervous. However, a conversation with my Alumni mentor helped me to calm down and focus on learning from these distinguished people.

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By Tim Masterton, Class of 2018

This past November, the Center for Brand and Product Management held its first ever alumni reunion. 

The festivities began with a session on WSB’s aspirations of becoming a learning hub that can educate and engage alumni long after graduation. Professor Jordan Ellenberg was next with an informal, enjoyable lecture on the power of mathematical thinking and how mathematics and statistics are at work all around us -- even in the ranking and placement of Madison’s famous food carts.

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By Julianna Masterton, Class of 2018

For anyone who knows me, when it comes to making big decisions I am thoughtful and analytical, sometimes to a fault. I like to thoroughly research my options, write pro/con lists and talk things out to make informed decisions. When it came time to decide where I should pursue my MBA, it was no different. Now that I am halfway done with my second year of the program, I want to revisit my top 5 reasons for choosing Wisconsin.

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Featuring Qing Liu

You’ve probably already experienced this at your favorite grocery store: armed with your weekly shopping list of boring but necessary household items, you find yourself detouring for the artisanal cheese display or stopping for a sample from the slow cooker chili pot.

In-store food sampling is both entertaining and informative for consumers, a chance to try before you buy. And for manufacturers and retailers, sampling is an effective tool that can be leveraged to boost sales and customer loyalty.

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Written by Will Rosenheimer, Class of 2019; Featuring Luis Otero

Luis Otero is a proud alumn of the Center for Brand and Product Management, Class of 2011. Originally from Puerto Rico, he made his way to UW-Madison where he fell in love (literally) with the people, school, and community. Luis met his wife and fellow Badger, Trisha Fernandez, while they were both in graduate school. Having spent the past few years in Minnesota and California, they recently returned home to Madison and are eager to reconnect with the MBA community. 

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By Ryan Close, Class of 2018

Since starting my Full-time MBA at the University of Wisconsin I’ve had family, friends, former colleagues, potential employers and my current peers ask me about my career path and why I’m interested in Brand and Product Management.  I’ve gotten great at the sixty-second elevator pitch, but as I near the halfway point of my last year I have been reflecting more on my journey, what brought me here, and how specializing in Brand and Product Management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison was the right choice for me.

Prior to starting my Full-time MBA at the Wisconsin School of Business I was an Airman in the United States Air Force. Confused about how being in the Air Force translates to pursuing brand and product management?  Keep reading.  

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By Alex Webb, Class of 2019

My favorite class so far in the semester has been Marketing Management taught by Professor Jan Heide. As a marketer, I nearly cried in relief when I realized that Jan’s class doesn’t require a calculator or excel! Instead, I was challenged to think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to problems that businesses face every day. For example, our class was recently challenged to find a solution to a problem that many businesses face: a shift in demand and a limited budget. This was specifically in regard to the ever-changing beer market and, as a core team, we had to decide if we should enter the light beer market, how to target the consumer, and why it would be a financially viable solution.

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By Brad Lewis, Class of 2019

This is the story of a 4-year-old, his favorite oatmeal, and a powerful lesson he taught his dad (me) about the vital connection between branding and customer experience 

As I started my MBA program, I wanted to save a little money. As an experiment, I bought a generic oatmeal instead of the Quaker oatmeal my 4-year-old son was used to. I figured that he wouldn’t even notice. After pulling the oatmeal out of the generic box, he asked me “where’s the oatmeal guy?” (that’s what he calls the man in the Quaker oats logo). He set down his spoon and simply would not eat.  

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We are excited to have many CBPM students taking on leadership positions within the MBA.

Graduate Business Association: 

  President: Melissa Abney

Diversity in Business: 

  Co Presidents: Alex Webb & Mark Brown

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