Sean KristlThe team-focused approach of the Wisconsin MBA program forces each of us to become better team members and leaders. We learn quickly that our individual success is dependent on our teams’ success. This team mentality can also be developed through sports. This year many students in the Center for Brand and Product Management participated in UW intramural sports.Broomball Tournament Champions

Intramural sports are one of the best ways to break up the week and get some competitive exercise. It also allows us to get to know students outside the CBPM and develop new friendships. Some of my best friends in the program are students I played soccer with in the fall. We’ve gone through highs such as scoring the winning shot in the last ten seconds of a playoff game to lows such as losing stamina in the second half and getting five goals scored against us. All these experiences, although they may seem small, make our team stronger.

Along with the success the Brand Center students have had acquiring internships and full-time positions, we have also had success on the field, court, rink, etc. Below is a list of 2015-2016 intramural teams that Brand students have participated on along with each team’s final result:

  • Broomball – Tournament Champions
  • Inner Tube Water Polo - Champions
  • Hockey – Finals
  • Basketball - Playoffs
  • Flag Football – Playoffs
  • Futsal – Playoffs
  • Soccer – Playoffs
  • Volleyball – Playoffs
  • Corn hole – Tournament Champions

Inner Tube Water Polo Champions