Margaret Whitting

People say time moves fast when you’re in business school, and they’re right. But from where I’m sitting now, I’d say it’s nothing compared to the months that follow graduation! It is almost impossible to believe that it has been ten months since graduation day in Madison and I am nearly eight months into my role as an Associate Marketing Manager at General Mills. I have absolutely loved every minute of my first rotation, working on an innovation desk in the Meals division, and I can say with certainty that the Wisconsin School of Business prepared me to hit the ground running and succeed in this role.

Thinking back on the Applied Learning sessions in which I participated over two years, every last topic we covered has played a central role in me getting off to a fast start as an AMM at General Mills. Thinking through pricing with Professor Lim, learning about giving feedback to agencies on creative work with DISH, learning how to manage customer relationships with Kimberly Clark, thinking through package redesign with 3M, and learning the fundamentals of reading and reporting on Nielsen data with Oscar Mayer are all skills that I use on a daily basis in my role. These Applied Learning sessions, an unbelievably valuable part of the WSoB curriculum, is supplementary to the core classroom learning of the program, which itself has proven more valuable than I realized it would be in real time.

From the fundamentals of working in teams comprised of people with different expertise, to the languages of finance and accounting, to the art and science of market segmentation, to using duct tape and pipe cleaners to produce a prototype to move discussion of an idea forward, to the complexities of a manufacturing plant, the in-classroom learning provided by the WSoB touched every corner of the multi-faceted job of a brand manager.

After eight months on the job, with the fundamentals I learned at UW-Madison always in mind and the incomparable UW alumni network alongside me, I am learning about, contributing to, and shaping the direction of each of the projects I am working on. And while I do, I’m proud to have a big badger “W” hanging in my cubicle!

On Wisconsin!