By Mike Judge

Mike Judge

Happy Holidays from Madison! As the year comes to a close, we feel we have a lot to celebrate at the Center for Brand and Product Management.

We are delighted that we continue to grow our class sizes with intelligent, ambitious, and diverse individuals like in our latest CBPM Class of 2018. These 22 students had an excellent first Advisory Board meeting in November, where in keeping with a Brand Center tradition, each second year student briefly presented on their Summer 2016 internship experience. We continue to be very thankful for, and amazed by, all the time, effort and thought that our Advisory Board members dedicate to our students and program.

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By Cassandra Nissi

Cassandra Nissi

My first semester as a MBA in the Center for Brand & Product Management at the Wisconsin School of Business has been a whirlwind. It doesn't seem that long ago that my fellow first-years and I were tackling our first team assignment, with little else on our plates at the time. Now, as I'm writing this, I'm looking at my calendar and realizing that the main thing that everyone told me back when I was naïve – that the first semester is full-on – is really coming to fruition. I'm sure that the close of the semester won't hit me until I've woken up from a long nap on my parents' couch back home in Massachusetts.

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By Priyanka Verma

Priyanka Verma

Think about all the schooling you've gone through in your life – from Kindergarten to middle school, from high school to college – that's 17 years of education! Now think about the most enriching parts of those 17 years; was it being lectured to on a daily basis, or was it the guest speakers, the field trips, and the networking events? I think you would agree with me that practical experiences are what round out a great education. At Wisconsin, one aspect of those practical experiences is the alumni involvement.

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By Divya Vadari

Divya Vadari

One of the highlights of my first semester with the CBPM has been the "Day in the Life" visits to Kimberly-Clark, General Mills, Target and SC Johnson. While these companies do come on campus for recruiting and networking events, it was a very different experience going to their space and trying to understand what their work is like.

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By Eric Janssen

Eric Janssen

As I reflect on the last year and a half at the Wisconsin School of Business, I have fond memories of Mountain Man Lager, more cranberries than I can count, late nights filled with Littlefield simulations, and I now know more about Pro Forma Income statements than I care to admit. Nonetheless, the challenges and experiences I've had during my time here at the WSOB have prepared me to venture into the brand world and make a significant impact by leveraging my experiences and applying the skills I've learned.

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Professor Evan Polman Proves Curiosity can Change Behavior, and Tells us Why Marketers Should Take Note

Assistant Professor Evan Polman

Would you believe that learning the answer to a trivia question could motivate you to make healthier choices? Or that Snapple may have been onto something by using their now-famed "Snapple facts" to drive purchase? Evan Polman, Wisconsin School of Business' Assistant Professor of Marketing, has conducted several studies that prove curiosity can affect decision-making and change human behavior.

In both laboratory and everyday settings, Polman's studies revealed that our natural inquisitiveness might help us to make make the right choices, such as exercising more or eating healthier foods.

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By Kristin Murray Bohan

Kristin Murray Bohan

At just 21 years old and straight out of undergrad, I was not the typical graduate student admitted to the University of Wisconsin School of Business. But my exposure to brand management also started at a much earlier age than it does for most (age 11), beginning as a Creative Consumers® kid for the ideation company Ideas to Go. After working with Fortune 500 clients for over 10 years, I sought out the focused Center for Brand & Product Management to officially kickstart my career and a lifetime of Badger fandom.

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The CBPM will be hosting an Alumni Reunion on November 10th-11th, 2017. We're excited to welcome our alumni back to Madison for the opportunity to reconnect with Advisory Board members, current students & staff and other alumni and attend a home football game. We'll be hosting a welcome reception on Friday the 10th and a tailgate pre-game on the 11th. More information to come!

Please consider the Center for Brand and Product Management and the Wisconsin School of Business in your giving expenditures. Your gift to the Center for Brand and Product Management fund will immediately impact all that the Center does, including our primary focus, student scholarship. We'd also be honored to have you include the Wisconsin School of Business Fund if you're looking for a gift that is not Center-specific.