J SwoyerOn Friday, October 23, the students of the Center for Brand and Product Management joined our esteemed Advisory Board for our annual fall meeting. As is tradition, this gathering was dedicated to the second year students who had recently returned from summer internships around the country. Each member of the Class of 2016 was given the opportunity to share key lessons learned over the summer as well as how they drove an impact on their businesses.

This tradition is a great reminder of just how unique and special the Center for Brand and Product Management is. We have an incredible Advisory Board that is both engaged and genuinely interested in hearing from each class of students. I was personally blown away by both the provocative questions and thoughtful feedback that came from the audience. Each presentation sparked a new anecdote or insight from a board member that we will all take forward in our careers.

This board meeting was also an opportunity to acknowledge just how much the Class of 2016 has grown in the last year. I was proud of my classmates for their presentation poise, command of their brands, and ultimately by how much was accomplished during our internships in just ten to twelve weeks.

As alumni, many of you may remember your own Advisory Board Presentations, or how rewarding of an experience it was. In reflecting on this memorable experience, I celebrate the Center’s ability to bring such a great group of people together and for the engagement, collaboration, and learning that came out of this year’s presentations. On, Wisconsin!