by Mike Judge

Mike JudgeHoliday Greetings from Madison! As we wrap up the fall semester and head in to Winter Break we have a lot to be thankful for here at the Center for Brand and Product Management.

We are thrilled that everyone from the CBPM Class of 2015 have all started in their new positions.  It is a testament to each of the individuals from this class, as well as the program, that on average they increased their pre-MBA salary by +68% with their new positions.  I hope it is gratifying to everyone associated with the program from faculty, to staff, to alumni, and the advisory board, to know that you have contributed to our recent alumni achieving the next step in their career aspirations. 

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Sarah KervinWelcome to our new Assistant Director, Sarah Kervin! Sarah joined the Center for Brand and Product Management in August as Assistant Director for Marketing Centers after spending the 2014-2015 academic year as Assistant Director for the A.C. Nielsen Center for Marketing Research.

Prior to the A.C. Nielsen Center at the WSB Sarah was an Academic and Research Specialist at the University of Chicago, The Booth School of Business. At Booth she focused on economic and accounting research. Though she enjoyed the business school setting she was excited to return to her first love, working with students.

Sarah has enjoyed taking on new responsibilities in the Brand Center and looks forward to working with all marketing MBAs.

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by Katie Anderson

Sean VidalWe’re incredibly proud and thankful to all of our alumni who enhance the reputation of the CBPM by creating value for their brands and organizations. Katie Anderson caught up with a few of our notable alumni and is happy to share the following:

Tom Schar:

Tom joined Google in December 2015 as the Sales Development Manager and Team Leader for the Branded Apparel and Durables industry.  Tom leads a team that provides Google-caliber insights, research and digital marketing solutions to clients such as LVMH, Chanel, Nike and The North Face.

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by Gurmukh Mangat

Gurmukh MangatOur first Applied Learning of the year started out something like this:

MIKE JUDGE: Okay everyone, welcome to our first of many Applied Learnings. We’re delighted to have Dave Schaff here from WhiteWave Foods. We’re going to start with a shop-along at some local grocery stores and then circle back to discuss the results. Find your groups and your store and be back here in 90 minutes.

And with that, we were off.

It was our last week of orientation, and for our first Applied Learning, we were jumping right in. I don’t really remember what my expectations were, but owning to the non-stop nature of Orientation week, I was looking forward to “slowing things down a bit” with our first Applied Learning. Funny thing was, there was nothing ‘slow’ about it.

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by Sonali Raskar

Sonali RaskarI want to take this opportunity to give you all a sneak peek into the life of an international student on UW- Madison campus. Before I begin though, a short introduction of myself: I am Sonali, a second year MBA student in the Center for Brand and Product Management. I have lived in different parts of India for 25 years before coming to Madison. I came to the US to pursue to my MBA at the CBPM due in large part to the specificity it offered compared to other programs. As opposed to Indian education system which is more academically focused, the Wisconsin School of Business explores real business case studies which create relevant learning experiences and foster subject matter expertise. I really enjoyed my experience in this education system where in I learned just as much in class as I did from my peers.

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by Chris Hatton

Chris HattonI was an undergraduate at UW from 2001-2005 and have not had much of a chance to come back since. A lot has changed; they tore down my dorm, expanded library mall, and have built a ton of new residential high-rises, but in general the atmosphere, and culture of Madison has remained constant. We are still a laid back, friendly place that's ideal for grabbing a beer with friends.

When I arrived on campus I was excited by all the "new" new restaurants to try, new bars, the new union south. It's been markedly exciting getting reacquainted with the city. Some new restaurant and bar highlights include:

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Check out some of the thought-provoking research published by our very own Marketing Core faculty members:

Why Do Customers Get More Than They Need? Core faculty member and Marketing Professor Jan Heide has a possible answer. Read more here (must be member of AMA to read full text):

How and when does online search yield online sales? Core Faculty Member and Associate Marketing Professor Qing Liu finds out.

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by Jackie Swoyer

Jackie SwoyerOn Friday, October 23, the students of the Center for Brand and Product Management joined our esteemed Advisory Board for our annual fall meeting. As is tradition, this gathering was dedicated to the second year students who had recently returned from summer internships around the country. Each member of the Class of 2016 was given the opportunity to share key lessons learned over the summer as well as how they drove an impact on their businesses.

This tradition is a great reminder of just how unique and special the Center for Brand and Product Management is. We have an incredible Advisory Board that is both engaged and genuinely interested in hearing from each class of students. I was personally blown away by both the provocative questions and thoughtful feedback that came from the audience. Each presentation sparked a new anecdote or insight from a board member that we will all take forward in our careers.

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The CBPM Class of 2017 is jumping right in and taking an active role in the leadership of the Graduate Student Body. Congratulations to our newly elected student leaders!

  • GBA President: Katherine Doehring MBA ‘17
  • GBA Vice President: Priyanka Verma MBA ‘17
  • GBA Communications Technology Chair: Alan Tanner MBA ‘17
  • GBA Athletics Chair: Eric Janssen MBA ‘17
  • GBA Development Chair: Rachel Stern MBA ‘17
  • GBA Social Co-Chairs: Scott Maurer MBA ‘17
  • GBA Community Service Chair: Farin Williams MBA ‘17
  • GMN Co-president: Sean Kristl MBA ‘17
  • GMN Events Chair: Jennifer Lane MBA ‘17

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Class of 2015 Full Time Placements. All of our Class of 2015 found excellent full time placements at some wonderful companies. Click here to learn more.

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This semester has obviously been busy for our students. Please enjoy a brief photo album of some of the highlights of Fall 2015.

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