The Center for Brand and Product Management advisory board is comprised of top executives from the finest brand and product management companies in the world. Their contributions are crucial to the Wisconsin MBA Program’s ability to deliver focused, relevant applied learning experiences to brand and product management students.

Advisory board members facilitate student employment opportunities, recruit prospective students, provide mentorship, and enhance the educational experience through on-campus involvement with students, faculty, and staff.

“The advisory board is a group of about 30 top executives who are absolutely committed to advising and mentoring students who want to learn what it takes to be a world-class specialist in how to grow a brand. The board is comprised of professionals who have an incredible amount of experience in management, innovation, and marketing, and who really want to help make what they know a game-changer for the students as they graduate from the program.”

Marsha Lindsay
Chair and Chief Strategist: Growth, Brand, Innovation, Lindsay, Stone & Briggs

Board Members