While the Bolz Center’s primary focus is the two-year, full-time graduate business degree program, we actively engage in research projects and initiatives of national significance that inform our curriculum, unite our students and alumni, and extend our efforts to redefine the field of arts administration.

In a field as young and evolutionary as arts administration, leadership training and preparation must be integrated with exploration and discovery. The Bolz Center for Arts Administration is committed not only to training leaders with a constant hunger for learning, but also to serving as a model for exploration through involvement in national initiatives, consulting projects, and experiences that engage the insights of our alumni and colleagues around the world.

This page offers a sample of current initiatives and links to others that might be of interest to students, scholars, or practitioners of arts administration.

The Dawson Research Initiative

Connecting students and practitioners with emerging research

Since 2005, the Bolz Center for Arts Administration has been working in partnership with the Association of Performing Arts Presenters to connect our students and performing arts professionals to emerging research relevant to the field. The initiative honors and celebrates the life and work of former Arts Presenters president and arts management pioneer Bill Dawson.

Past topics have included ''How We Make Meaning,'' an exploration of emerging insights in consumer behavior, brain science, audience research, and sociology, and ''Professional Presenters and the Amateur Arts,'' defining the promise and challenge of engaging non-professionals in the life and work of professional presenting organizations.

Arts Related Research

Recent research article by Bolz Center alumnus, Jennifer Wiggins Johnson, and WSoB Associate Dean, Joann Peck:

Can Purchase Behavior Predict Relationship Perceptions and Willingness to Donate?