The Arthur Andersen Center began in 1992 through gifts from alumni associated with Arthur Andersen & Co. and the Arthur Andersen Foundation.

The mission of the Arthur Andersen Center is to promote research that is useful in resolving financial reporting and control problems and to explore potential changes in academics to help students understand the complexities of the changing business environment.

Through these different tactics, the Arthur Andersen Center for Financial Reporting and Control is able to help address financial reporting issues that are disconcerting to governmental agencies and businesses alike. They are also able to communicate with people throughout academia and the private sector that are interested in financial reporting and control issues.

In order to accomplish this mission, the Arthur Andersen Center hosts conferences, publishes research monographs and working papers, and provides research funding to individuals wishing to study some of the issues listed above.

The center is governed by an academic policy committee comprised of faculty from the Accounting and Information Systems Department and an external advisory board of practitioners.

External Advisory Board (EAB)

  • Danny Cunningham, partner at Deloitte (formerly partner at Arthur Andersen)
  • Jay Price, retired partner at Arthur Andersen

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