Rick CardenasOne of the many perks of being an MBA student at the Wisconsin School of Business is the Leadership Symposium. This is just one of many resources available to students that assist us in developing our leadership skills and push us to discover how we can make an impact in the world. This three day event is packed with entrepreneurial speakers, personal development workshops, and other practical sessions that help lay a foundation for a successful career. 

This Spring, we had the pleasure of kicking off the Symposium with a workshop session led by Deanna Singh, the Founder of Flying Elephant Foundation and a notable Wisconsin School of Business alumna. Deanna prides herself in being a “change agent” and has over 20 years of experience in building innovative opportunities within underserved Deanna Singh LS 2019communities.

Deanna started off the morning by sharing her personal story and taking us on her own journey of self-discovery. Throughout her session, she had us fill out the Purposeful Hustle Leadership Workshop: Reflection Toolkit. The packet included everything from defining your purpose and what you are truly passionate about, to laying out actionable steps on how to get to a “purposeful hustle.” Other memorable sections of the toolkit packet included thinking through worst-case scenarios if you fail while following your purpose and then developing solutions to overcome those potential setbacks.

Deanna Singh Purposeful Hustle

Overall, it was a very productive morning and an eye-opening experience. While we all may believe that life is much happier when you pursue your purpose, it’s sometimes hard to remain driven and take the necessary steps to reach that purpose. I personally enjoyed being reminded of the importance of having a clearly defined purpose statement and thinking through the actionable steps that I will take to achieve those goals. It felt empowering to think through worst-case scenarios and realize that there’s really nothing to fear if you strategically work towards your goals and remain focused.