Niraj Amin Two stories come to mind immediately when I reflect on the positive impact the Wisconsin School of Business alumni have had on my time here.

  1. During our Fall 2016 Board Meetings in late October, we had a speed networking session where we spent 10 to 15 minutes talking with different board members regarding career advice. What blew me away was the personalized approach that both of my board counterparts took. That is, instead of just talking about general career strategies, one of them had my resume in front of him and walked me through what would go through the minds of hiring managers as they looked through it. Next, he asked me some questions regarding my career goals and then helped me tighten my story into being more powerful and believable. The wealth of business experience he had was apparent, and I am so grateful that he used his vast knowledge of the hiring process to help me better prepare for my next internship interviews.
  2. One of our board members, who is also an A.C. Nielsen MBA alum, held phone conversations with me during my internship search to help me tighten my interview responses and to help me learn what types of companies would be the best fit for my skill set and background. He said that, with my valuable skill set, once I had a good story to communicate how my past experience supports my future goals, I would be “money.” I kept working on this, and then I was soon able to find a great fit for myself for my summer internship. We receive a lot of valuable help with interview training during our first semester, but we also get a lot of information thrown our way in general. I will forever be grateful to this alum for really helping me cut the fat and determining just the things I needed to focus on to succeed.

Moving forward, I certainly plan to make myself available as a resource for our MBA students here in the future—whether it comes in the form of visiting and serving on a panel at some point, or holding mock interviews for the students and helping them prepare for their actual interviews. After I secured my summer internship, I told my career coach and my Center Director that next year, whenever I have time, I want to be involved in helping the new first-year students prepare for their internship search and interviews. I believe that doing this will also help me prepare myself well to be an active alum in the future who can continue to make a positive difference for our program.