Laura SheehanAs demanding as the first year can be, the A.C. Nielsen Center is a rewarding and supportive place where we're surrounded by similar individuals. I found it was a pleasant surprise to see how close I quickly became with my peers as part of my first year in the program. As people who all have similar career interests, we all had a lot in common right away, as well as a lot to learn from each other.

The first year can be overwhelming, and a bit stressful at times with 18 credit hours of class, interviews, project assistantships, and extra club activities. However, the friends I made from being a part of Marketing Research has made this one of the most exciting and fun years of my career. I was able to learn both inside and outside of the classroom with the help of my A.C. Nielsen friends I find myself fortunate to be a part of a group of people who have been incredibly supportive from the start. Even through interviews as we each are working to make the best impressions with top companies, we managed to always congratulate each other when someone got good news. This positive attitude continued on forward through the year and even took place in our personal lives. Even last fall as one of our fellow first years, Steve Siglinsky, got married, he and his bride invited us to their wedding just weeks before. 

This summer I'm going to miss all the time we spend together in Grainger Hall but I equally look forward to hearing the stories of everyone's internship experiences when we arrive back in Madison in the fall.within our center. In addition to being friends, sometimes we see each other as family after going through so much together through classes, companies, and networking events. I hear from our board that it's especially good to be close to these friends, as well as our alumni and advisory board mentors, because the consumer insights industry is not that large. These could be our colleagues one day or the people to help us reach our next job.