TR Snyder

Reminiscing. It’s a common thing. We all do it. I don’t have the data on hand to prove it, so you’ll just have to take my word on this one. As I’ve finished up my time here at the A.C. Nielsen Center, this has been a very common theme in my conversations. From talking about favorite TAPS experiences to hilarious (and not-so-hilarious) classroom moments, the last two years have been on everybody’s mind lately. They’ve gone by impossibly fast, and as we prepare for the next step, we look back at what we’ve accomplished as we sprint down the path ahead.

There have been so many highlights for the program, from preparing for and really nailing our ICA project to the relief of finally understanding how to calculate financial projections, but the three that especially stand out are the first day, the Wisconsin School of Business Case Competition, and the MBA Open House. The first day was a tapestry of emotions. Fear, followed by excitement, followed by terror, followed by jubilation, followed by breakfast. The anticipation of that first day puts Christmas morning as a kid to shame, as I truly had no idea what to expect. I knew I wasn’t going to be unwrapping a brand new Sega Genesis, but there was a sense that this would be the genesis for something. It was the beginning of the launch sequence into a brand new, wholly exciting life, starting with my two years in Grainger Hall.

I had always associated grad school with sleepless nights, which was a major concern because I need my beauty sleep. I am happy to report that my only truly sleepless night came on January 23, 2013. This was the night of the Wisconsin School of Business Case Competition. That relief of finally understanding how to calculate financial projections? Yeah, it hadn’t come yet. My team was scrappy, and we pooled every ounce of knowledge, inspiration, energy, and willpower that we could to put together what we believed to be a pretty strong presentation. When I think back to the quintessential MBA experiences that I had, this will always be one of the top memories. The four of us and our sheer confusion and joy at winning this competition that we were convinced in which we had a snowball’s chance. Turns out we did have a snowball’s chance, but it was January in Wisconsin so it worked in our favor.

The Open House is going to always resonate in my mind as the most fun I had during these two years. Bonding with my fellow Nielsenites over silly movies is one of my favorite things about my experience, and this fully embodies that. The actual event was always so much fun, as we all got into a room and laughed for a couple of hours at seeing each other in brand new situations that we’re simply not used to seeing. I’ll miss this tradition the most, and I know that next spring I will be thinking a lot about wanting to make another silly movie to share with 200 of my closest friends.

Looking forward, I’m at the precipice of this thing that I’ve been working toward for so long, and it’s hard not to be overcome with elation that I’ve made it this far. I get to move to my favorite city and work for an amazing company and start a brand new adventure. The emotions I’m feeling? Fear, followed by excitement, followed by terror, followed by jubilation.

Nielsen Winter Potluck 2015
Nielsen Center Winter Potluck (Hosted by the Aroras)
Nielsen Polar Plunge 2015
Brave Nielsenites Partake in the Polar Plunge